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Mike Pence appeared on MSNBC, earlier, today. He ducked the only question most of us care about:

Undecided IL Rep. Jerry Costello’s phone has been ringing off the hook:

Costello resisting White House pleas on health-care

Costello was one of the 220 House members who voted for the House version of health-care reform in November. Last week, he was undecided on Senate legislation that might come up for a vote Friday or Saturday.

But  Costello decided to oppose the Senate bill because of the cost, what he regards as the insufficient curbs on abortion funding and the state-specific provisions added to win votes in Nebraska, Louisiana and Florida.

The pressure on Costello has been intense, Gillies acknowledged, and sources said that some of that pressure is coming from the White House.

While Costello remains a ‘no’ on the Senate legislation, he is undecided on how he will vote on the so-called reconciliation legislation that making alterations in the final health-care package. That bill is being negotiated now in an effort to secure the 216 House votes needed for passage.

Good posts from Johm Boehner’s website: America Speaks: Opposition to Dems’ Job-Killing Gov’t Takeover of Health Care Grows Even Louder and Question of the Day: Will President Obama Endorse The “Slaughter Solution?” I heard that Brett Baier asked Obama that question in his interview with him,today, and unsurprisingly, our Constitutional scholar/President has no problem with it.

Allahpundit: Too good to check: Rep. Joe Barton says CBO score will exceed … $1 trillion and, like I said : Obama on Slaughter strategy: “I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about what the … rules are” and AP fact check: Premiums will rise under ObamaCare and ObamaCare whip count(s): Pelosi in trouble? – Allah predicts a heart-achey day at Hot Air, tomorrow, but hasn’t given up all hope.

Ace has the very latest: Five Different Whip Counts, And They All Conclude “It’s Close But We Can’t Say Either Way” (link fixed).

Democrats we need to contact: here.

Ace, too has a sinking feeling. The Dems who are on the fence, are….after all Dems. Lib on most issues, and finger to the wind on others. They may be betting that a yes vote would be the least damaging to themselves.

Paul Ryan, on Greta last night mentioned the inevitability strategy the Dems (Obama, Pelosi, Gibbs) are employing – to fool undecided Dems into voting with them, and demoralize the opposition.

Also striking, (although we all knew this): The fact that the Dems shut the Republicans out of the hugest social legislation in 40 years from the very beginning – they weren’t interested in collaborating because they didn’t need their votes. Despicable.

Greta asked him if there was anything in the bill he liked…..

Answer: “No.”


Michelle Malkin: Landmark Legal Foundation to Slaughter House butchers: Not without a fight

Ace: Fauxmentum: Kildee a Yes. This is not a biggie – He was already being counted as a yes vote.

This NYT article calls Kildee a “Stupak ally,” but in fact he’s not on many’ people’s lists of the Stupak 12.

Doug Ross offers some commentary of the Brett Baier/Obama interview. He thinks Obama did some of his best fibbing, ever, but who believes him anymore?: Where’s TOTUS When You Need Him?

Daily Caller: Health-care bill not yet a law, but Republicans already organizing to repeal it


Hot Air: Breaking: CBO releases the actual report

Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, thanks.


Video:Obama Tells Ohio Audience “Premiums Will Decrease 3000% Under ObamaCare”…

…”So you should get a raise when health care is passed”.

Yeah, he actually said that.  And the audience applauded.

The comment comes 1:15 minutes into the clip:

That sounds  kinda gaffetastic and wee -weed up. Obama’s been to all 57 states trying to pass this health care bill, including the one that lost 10,000 corpsemen in a tornado, so maybe he’s tired?

This was Ed Morrissey’s Obamateurism of the day, Monday, and he snagged it from Greg Hengler at Townhall.


Michelle Malkin noticed way back in May of 2008, Obama’s propensity to commit gaffes:

Barack Obama — promoted by the Left and the media as an all-knowing, articulate, transcendent Messiah — is a walking, talking gaffe machine. How many more passes does he get? How many more can we afford?

Well, sadly, almost two years later,  we find that not much has changed. And now we find the media studiously avoiding any vetting of his health care statistics and sob stories. It has been left to bloggers to do the dirty work, and they are the ones who take the heat from liberal media.

See Michelle’s, Doing the health care anecdote-vetting the Left won’t do for the details.

See also The Media Research Center: ObamaCare Aided by Big Doses of Media Spin for a great, (but nauseating) rundown of the assists the media have cheerfully given Obama since the beginning of the ObamaCare debate.