Video: Sen. Tom Coburn’s Message To Dems – “Be Prepared To Defend Selling Your Vote In The House”

Coburn  throws down the gauntlet:

Hat tip: Rush, video via Townhall.

See Also Tom Coburn’s oped out today: Health bill is malpractice

The fundamental problem in health care is cost. Every family knows that cost reduces access. As a nation, we spend twice as much on health care as any other industrialized country, but we aren’t any healthier as a result. A study by Thomson-Reuters shows that one in three dollars in our more than $2 trillion health care system does nothing to help people get well or prevent them from getting sick. If members of Congress focused their time and energy on allocating the health care dollars that are already in the system more efficiently—by reducing fraud and the costs associated with defensive medicine, for instance—we could lower cost and improve access overnight.

The bill before us, however, fails to do that. Instead, it builds on a broken and bankrupt system. The Senate bill will put 15 million Americans in the Medicaid program, which is bankrupting states and denying care to millions of American. Forty percent of doctors restrict access to Medicaid patients because reimbursement rates are so low. The rest of America will be funneled into the insurance industry the White House has been demonizing.

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Via the Heritage Foundation:

Reconciliation Bill [HR 4872]

CBO score of the Reconciliation bill

FYI: Rep. Bart Stupak today on MSNBC noted page 237, subtitle E and page 2,070 both of the health care bill as indicators that there is federal funding of abortion in the current bill.

Ace: Democrats Band Together To Approve of Slaughter House Rule, 222-203


Wait a minute. Jack M. offers a paper bag for my hyperventilation:

Don’t Sweat the Slaughter Vote as a Proxy for Health Care

He’s a DC insider, and knows of what he speaks.

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Video: Inspiring Words From Mike Pence – “America, We Can Win This Fight”

Rep. Mike Pence, (IN), Chairman of the House Republican Conference, took to the House floor, this morning, and made the following remarks:

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“This is a remarkable moment in the life of our nation. After years of runaway federal spending, deficits, debt, borrowing, bailouts and takeovers, against the opposition of a clear majority of the American people, the Democrats in Congress and in this administration are prepared to ram through a $1 trillion government takeover of health care.

It’s just hard to believe. Ignoring the will of the American people, twisting the rules of the House and the Senate into a pretzel, we are headed for a showdown this weekend. But I got to tell you, I like our chances.

The reason House Democrats don’t have the votes is because the American people know this is a government takeover of health care. Mandating that every American purchase health insurance whether they want it or need it or not, passing hundreds of billions of dollars in job-killing tax increases, providing public funding for abortions, and setting into motion government-run insurance that will cost millions to lose the insurance they have is a government takeover of health care.

Let’s have the debate. A minority in Congress plus the American people equals a majority. America, we can win this fight.”


Another video, also from 3/18/10 Bicameral GOP Leadership Stakeout

House Republican Leader John Boehner and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell speak following their Bicameral Republican Conference Meeting on health care.
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Video: Fox News Special Report Panel Discusses Slaughter Rule

Some great comments from Krauthammer, as usual, and also Tucker Carlsen who compared entitlements to narcotics. Once you start on them, you become addicted, and can’t quit. And as we all know, addictions tend to have disastrous consequences:

Whatever it takes.

It sends a shiver down your spine, doesn’t it?

Janice Shaw at the American Thinker had some thoughts on how this bill is being rammed through: ObamaCare is Tyranny, Not Legislation:

What we’re seeing in Washington, D.C. is not “politics as usual” with the arm twisting and “horse trading” that is typical in getting a bill passed; instead, it is ideological warfare. What Obama, Reid and Pelosi are doing is not legislating; it is an act of tyranny — overturning all the rules and principles of government in a representative democracy. Attempting to pass the Senate version of ObamaCare in the House under the ironically named “Slaughter Rule” (to circumvent the objections of the Stupak coalition to taxpayer funding of abortion) is an exercise in raw power akin to the many acts of judicial tyranny the American public has endured over the last 40 years from judges who have little regard for the Constitution.

Apparently Obama, Reid and Pelosi aren’t worried about losing control of Congress in 2010 or even the presidency in 2012, because their higher goal is to irrevocably institutionalize their ideology. Once government control of health care is established, their leftist principles will be implemented by an unelected bureaucracy that rules without accountability to the general public, whether or not the Democratic Party is the majority in Congress or holds the presidency.

Which is why the Dem leadership is lying, cheating, bribing, plotting, scheming, saying and doing so many absurd and unthinkable things – just so they can inflict this Obamanation on an unwilling populous.

Smells like tyranny to me.