72 Hours to “Kill The Bill”

Graphic courtesy of iOWNTHEWORLD

I received this via email from Tea Party Express & American Grassroots Coalition…and am sharing it in its entirety for the many folks out there who I know want to do what they can  to make a difference in this fight.

Broad TEA Party Coalition Aligns To Defeat Pelosi-Care

STEP 1: Call Congress and tell them to “Kill The Bill” –

1-877-762-8762 or 1-202-224-3121.  Melt the phone lines folks.  Do not relent.  Do not give up.  The stakes are too high for us to fail.  They want to have the government increasingly take over more and more of our healthcare system.  We must stop them NOW!  Call:  1-877-762-8762 or 1-202-224-3121

STEP 2:  Here’s the game plan for the next 72-hours.  If you can get to D.C. this Saturday – please do so.  If you can’t see how else you can help (including calling 1-877-762-8762 or 1-202-224-3121).

WASHINGTON, DC (March 18, 2010) – The past two weeks has seen the “Take The Town Halls To Washington” initiative get nearly 1,000 people to DC to meet with approximately 30 Congressman.  The event culminated in the rally at Taft Park near the Capitol which was sponsored by Tea Party Express.  Over 1,500 people assembled to rally against the healthcare bill and then meet with their representatives.  While the Capitol Police diverted the stage and sound for the park rally, grass roots activists innovated and used a park bench and bull horn to get their message to the attendees!

With the critical nature of a looming Congressional decision, a broad coalition of Tea Party organizations and leadership is launching the final push before a possible vote by the House.  These events are being coordinated across the US and are aimed at communicating the frustration of the people while demanding the termination of this health bill legislation.  While the DNC and the administration continue to obfuscate and confuse, this coalition is focused on getting activists involved prior to Pelosi’s maneuvering.

The following actions are planned for the next 72 hours:

  • Massive Phone Campaign to the House by constituents to vote no on the bill.
  • “Talk to Washington” healthcare town halls: Mississippi, Pennsylvania & more.
  • Code Red rally in Washington, DC at 12 noon on Saturday: Upper Senate Park.
  • Nationwide “Virtual Vigil” on BlogTalk radio by DoctorsandPatients.org
  • Candlelight vigil around the Capitol on Saturday night

Featured speakers at the Washington, D.C. Rally on Saturday will include:

  • Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (MN)
  • Congressman Tom Price (GA)
  • Congressman Joe Wilson (SC)
  • Actor & Conservative John Voight
  • Dr. Milton Wolf, Barack Obama’s second cousin who opposes Obamacare
  • Colin Hanna, Let Freedom Ring
  • Jim Martin, 60 Plus
  • Phil Kerpen, Americans for Prosperity
  • Andrew Langer, Institute for Liberty
  • Kathryn Serkes, Doctor Patient Medical Association
  • Mark Skoda, Memphis Tea Party
  • Amy Kremer, Tea Party Express
  • Jennifer Hulsey, American Grassroots Coalition
  • FreedomWorks Representative
  • Ben Cunningham, Founder of the Tennessee Tax Revolt

Grass roots activists everywhere have worked to inform themselves, notify their representatives of their objections and take action in the form of rallies, meetings and calls into those representatives. Individual groups have worked to stop the healthcare legislation while coordinating with each other to amplify their message and their efforts.

Amy Kremer, of Tea Party Express, commented, “We had a great rally this week in DC and people have overwhelmed us with their desire to do it again on Saturday.  With so many people concerned about this legislation and the ability to come to Washington on a weekend, we are working within this coalition to expand the Code Red rally participation .”

The coalition of Tea Party organizations and leadership is committed to  changing the dynamics of this legislative process.  The Democratic led Congress is using procedural and legislative rules to ignore the overwhelming opposition to this bill.  The will of the American people is being subverted by these actions and the grass roots activists who make up this coalition are focusing their energy to kill the bill.

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