Paul Ryan For President

Paul Ryan’s floor speech, on this ill-fated night:

I’m not kidding. This man is so brilliant, conservative, and appealing, I would vote for him in  heartbeat. If anyone can begin to lead us out of this horrific mess, it’s him.

Hat tip: Allahpundit, who’s valiantly keeping a stiff upper lip over at Hot Air with some non-pessimistic links.


52 thoughts on “Paul Ryan For President

  1. I like a Pence/Ryan ticket too. The GOP absolutely must not bring out old political faces if we are to win 2012. I don’t even want to see oldsters making speeches. We have bright younger faces that need to be the face of the Republican Party.


  2. Hell people are always telling us we have no leaders in DC. Well I think any combination of DeMint, Pence, Ryan and Cantor would make for an extremely strong Pres/VP team for like 16 yrs.


  3. huchabee,palin,romney etc must not even make an appearance. read demint’s book. the best of all of them. amen to pence ryan demint and cantor. new fresh smart faces


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  5. Yes, Ryan was one of the stand-out’s in this process. Kudos to Cantor, Boehner and Pence, who all were great either. They had the passion, the support of their caucus, and the people – unfortunately, they just did not have enough Democrats who wished to do the right thing.


  6. Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, Jim DeMint have been high on my list for months. I need to research more about Cantor because he is not as visible. It’s too soon for Michelle Bachmann but she is a strong campaigner and a good future candidate. We must return to running on a solid platform of Republican principles and not cave to the dirty politics we are going to encounter in both 2010 and 2012.

    I do NOT want to see Jindahl, Palin, Huckabee, Romney or Gingrich even mentioned as candidates. We might as well lie down and let the ObamaBus run over us with any of them. Michael Steel would not have been my choice for his position and it might be time to knuckle down and get him on track or replace him.

    I’m glad I found this group. It can get lonely believing in the Constitution and preaching moderation!


  7. For reference, Jim DeMint has a good site (Senate Conservatives Fund) with info on candidates he considers true conservatives with good chances of winning. I chose to donate to it but that is not required to access the info. Jim DeMint occasionally does teleconferences and those are also helpful.


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  9. Paul Ryan is terrific – very well spoken and knowledgeable! We love him here in Wisconsin!!! John Thune, senator from S.D. is another appealing candidate – keep an eye on him!!!


  10. I agree. Ryan and Pence are terrific! Paul Ryan does seem brilliant. He has the looks too ( I wish that weren’t a requirement, but it is).


  11. Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, Jim DeMint are all outspoken and make themselves very visible in the media. They will not be strangers to the public when election time rolls around but will be recalled as bright, intelligent people with conservative values. They are all very likable.

    Looks are important, sad as that may be. How blessed we are then to have a selection of attractive potential candidates who out-qualify the opposition in all other areas as well!


  12. DeMint is a little kooky. Pence is cool. But Ryan, he’s the man. Forget all the others and let’s go straight to Ryan for Pres in 2012. And let’s put McConnell, Boehner, Alexander, etc out to pasture. Those old guys are a big reason why BO is president today, along with his lunatic fringe Pelosi and Reid.


  13. Ernst and Röhm [Jan, 25, 2010]
    “…reverse the overall erosion in middle class security…”
    -President Obama, Jan 25, 2010;

    A specter haunting President Obama haunts
    The textbooks, episodes of History Channel.
    In film the Fuhrer dies by it—it saved a gaunt
    And saintly Private Ryan. Secretly, panels
    Of Koch executives gloat as Teabag pawns fight
    For vassalage. ‘Aren’t Ernst and Röhm the tax people,’
    I’ve heard them ask. Security from thought—to spite
    Their loneliness, they seek control of courts, steeples.
    Oh Hannah Arendt dance with me, don’t dance too deep—
    A squad of goons are coming into town: beep beep!


  14. I agree with most of the posters here. The Repubs need fresh blood or a youthful, exuberant, new outlook, and Paul Ryan is the prototype of their next generation of leaders. If he runs for national office, he’ll get my vote. By the way, up until the 2008 election, I was a registered Democrat. Like most Hillary supporters, I became an Independent because of the BO in the White House. Paul Ryan’s Blueprint for America is the way to go. If not 2012, certainly thereafter, Ryan HAS to run for President. Not for himself, but the sake of the future of our Republic.


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  17. Will respond today to a letter from RNC Victory 2012 Chairman, Peter Terpeluk. They are asking for donations and opinions on their list of potential candidates. The only acceptable name on that list was Mike Pence. Huckabee, Romney, Gingrich?? Give me a break. We cannot afford to have the same old tired political faces running for the Presidency. I returned the “poll” without a donation and with all their candidates crossed out except Mike Pence. I wrote in Paul Ryan’s name.

    I am a generous contributor within my means but if GOP wants my money they must give me fresh, powerful candidates who represent conservative values. 2012 will be a viscous election and Dems will pull out all the stops. I want to win. If GOP will not listen to what we are telling them about candidates we might as well crawl under the ObamaBus now.


  18. I meant “vicious” in my post re 2012 election, although “viscous” may apply! Obama’s political speeches can get thick and sticky! 😉


  19. What are we going to do about the primary system that gave us McCain as a candidate? We must not let the Democrat Party choose our candidate for us.


  20. Dee, the primary system concerns me as well. The very fact that the GOP is hinting at Huckabee, Romney, Gingrich and even Hannity is discouraging. It will help if we all take the time to write to the RNC and strongly voice our concerns and put forth the names we want to see considered. No more old political faces and weary rhetoric that will be promptly tuned out by voters.


  21. It cannot be Mike Pence on top of the ticket. He CANNOT debate President Obama. People!!!! We do not need a CANDIDATE!

    Our nation is in peril and FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION if we want to rescue her.

    Paul Ryan could go head-to-head with Obama in rhetoric and debate. Did you see and hear him pummel the President in the “Health Care Summit”?? Mike Pence could not be a winner against Barack Obama.

    AND, never forget that the GOP will not be able to get Obama out. WE NEED THE INDEPENDENT VOTERS who voted for Obama and have now left him. And these independent voters would vote for a fiscally-sound Paul Ryan.

    It’s about winning folks, not just “showing up” in 2010. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING in our country is at stake.

    Mike Pence. Please. Nice guy, but you know that Obama would shred him in a debate.


  22. Sue Palmer – I agree with all that you said. I would totally support a ticket of Paul Ryan with Mike Pence as a possible VP. Mike is solid but Paul Ryan is the one who will be able to withstand the stuff Obama will be dishing out in his campaigns. It is going to be a dirty battle and we must have a candidate who can come out on top without stooping to ObamaTactics.

    PAUL RYAN for PRESIDENT – 2010


  23. Well, I said I’d never join Facebook but I just did in order to sign up for the Paul Ryan for Facebook page. It’s when groups of people get together with a purpose that great things can be accomplished. Obama has never stopped campaigning and it’s time we all followed suit. Let’s start by letting the RNC know the kind of presidential candidate we will vote for and keep after them to listen.


  24. With his academic background in Economics, Paul Ryan is definitely the candidate the GOP needs to run for President in 2012. He tried valiantly to explain to Obama at the Health Care Summit how the financial numbers in the health care reform bill just don’t add up correctly, and Obama just didn’t understand–it was obvious. I also think that Ryan will smoke Obama in any debate.


  25. If anyone says “Paul Ryan has no experience in global issues” please remind them that a guy was voted in as President whose only “real” job was as a community organizer.
    Just saying…


  26. I’d like to add some of you to my Facebook page as friends. How do I do that? My Facebook page will just be dedicated to Paul Ryan and true conservative candidates in 2010 that I can support.


  27. Thanks, Deb.

    We all helped put Scott Brown into office. We can do it again with candidates we want, not what is shoved at us by RNC. I’m enthused!


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  30. After seeing Paul Ryan in several interviews on Fox News
    he is a wonderful, well spoken, extremely intelligent man.
    I would absolutely vote for him for President!!!!!!
    I am a Catholic Republican conservative and I thought there
    was no hope for conservatives. He truly gives me hope that
    our country can be saved from the elite, arrogant idiots
    running the show right now.
    God Bless You, Paul…..we need more like you


  31. I’d like to update my earlier post and add a Vice-Presidential running mate for Paul Ryan in 2020 or 2024 — Charles Djou of the Aloha State.

    If Charles Djou wins the winner-take-all, special election in Hawaii for the U.S. House of Representatives on May 22, (which all polls show that he will), and again in the midterms in November, 2010, (which he could given Hawaii’s tendency to re-elect incumbents), and perhaps later takes over one of the state’s U.S. Senate seats (now occupied by octogenarians Daniel Akaka and Daniel Inouye), or decides to run for Hawaii’s governorship (they have term limits there), and keeps his nose clean throughout (which should be no more of a problem for him than for Paul Ryan), he’ll be good and ready ten years from now.

    Charles Djou has a persona and style very similar to that of Paul Ryan’s. These two guys could be political soul mates — Republicans in heavily Democrat states, both extremely smart and articulate, personable and charming, economics and political science majors, fiscal policy wonks, around the same age, married to lawyers with three children, and have good character and integrity.

    If you want to see what this up-and-coming star of the next generation of Repub leaders is all about, go to Fox’s Red Eye and the Sean Hannity Show. Also has run several articles about Charles Djou and the peculiar and fascinating dynamics of this upcoming special election.

    Among other things, if Djou wins this race, it will be a symbolic blow to the White House, as this particular Congressional district just happens to be Obama’s home town. Also, in the bluest of the blue states, it would send a message to the whole country that what Scott Brown did in Mass. was not a mere fluke, but a growing, national trend, as Djou himself has forwarded.

    Which is not a wonder that the Repub big guns have put their muscle and money behind Charles Djou. And why the Dem big guns, no matter what they’ve done to avert disaster, have been running scared. First Scott Brown, then Charles Djou, then the next Scott Brown and the next Charles Djou, and on and on. God willing, let’s hope so.


  32. Ryan should occupy the *top* of any Republican ticket. While I like Mike Pence, Michele Bachmann, and others, they would not be as appealing to the country at large as Ryan.
    Romney is considered a RINO by many conservatives.
    Pence comes off as dour, and Bachmann is a lightning rod for leftist criticism.
    Ryan would appeal to independents and many Democrats.


  33. I agree. Of course, in time, the left would find (invent) something to demonize him with.

    But he’d be a tougher target for them to demonize, than most.


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  38. How can we get this guy to throw his hat in the ring with Pence as Vice. Ryan would slice and dice Obama in a debate and Pence would make Biden look like the moron he is. These two come to the show and it’s a win, win.


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