Video Of The Spitting Incident Appears On Youtube

In a news break during the Rush Limbaugh Show, Kansas City’s KMBZ reported that a video that proved Mo Rep Emanuel Cleaver was spat upon ( with the clear implication that it was purposeful) had appeared on You tube, and you could find the link at the KMBZ website.

Well, here it is, and what it shows is a guy cupping his hands around his mouth to form a makeshift megaphone, hollering ” kill the bill!” as the black caucus entourage walked by. The spittle that sprayed on Cleaver was clearly unintentional:

As you could see, the guy was yelling the entire time, and there were Capital police officers accompanying the entourage the whole time. If there had been any criminality whatsoever, they would have acted.

Of course, Cleaver didn’t press charges.

Meanwhile, via the The Daily Caller we have a disgusting example of race baiting in a voice message left  at the office of Ohio Republican Rep. Jean Schmidt:

Speaker: “Yeah, I’m glad the president passed health care. Yeah. Funky ass, racist-ass Republicans hate that, don’t you? Gene Schmitt, when you got hit by that car, you should’ve broke your back, bitch. And Boehner, motherf***er…that Mitch McConnell. All you racist f***ing Republicans. Why don’t you just change your party name to racist? Cuz if one of those f***ing Tea baggers had spit on me, I’d have shot all them in the f***ing face with my f***ing 9 millimeter. F**k all you racist motherf***ers.”

The left-wing media (or MSM) has been fanning the anti-tea party flames from almost the beginning. After they stopped totally ignoring the tea party movement, they, along with the Dem Socialists in Congress began assaulting it with every form of attack and slur.  This caller, (and probable Countdown With Keef Overbite viewer) only reflects their views with slightly more bile.
Thanks you Ace, Allahpundit, Moe Lane , Red State , Newsbusters and Atlas Shrugs for the links!

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25 thoughts on “Video Of The Spitting Incident Appears On Youtube

  1. I was at a Tea Party event last fall with a few thousand of my ‘close personal friends.’ ONE gal had a poster that sketched some swastikas down one side of the text. It was CLEAR to ANYONE who read her sign she was using the symbols as a derogatory connection to the Obama agenda. Several of us sorta yelled to her to PUT that sign away. WE, who where yelling, knew someone would choose to misunderstand it. The gal ignored us but later complained that one Obama supporter kept following her around and getting real close — right in her face — to take a bunch of photos of her and her sign and would not back down even though the gal repeatedly asked her to stop taking her picture. The gal felt attacked and dogged by the Obama supporter and came over to stand next to me and complain. I calmly explained to her what Pelosi had said about swastikas, and how her poster was being misunderstood on purpose — and it could hurt our efforts. Gal FINALLY put away the sign and chose something else.

    But, sheesh. That old dude did not spit on that guy.


  2. People need to understand that we are held to a different standard than the left is when they demonstrate.

    During the Bush years, the lefty protests depicted Bush on their signs in every deplorable way imaginable, and even went so far as to wish death upon him. These weren’t rare instances, either, they were typical of the lefty protesters – and the MSM ignored all of it.

    We have to know this going in, and plan accordingly.We cannot give them ammo to attack us with. God knows, they will make shit up if they don’t find anything, but that’s preferable because at least we can shoot it down, and hopefully they begin to discredit themselves with the public when it happens enough times.


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  10. Adirondack Patriot: it’s impossible to unite people who hold antithetical views. And since the right went all “100% purity, no compromise allowed”, there’s no real point in even trying. Democrats won the last election, and now they will govern like they did, at least until the next election. When Republicans won in 2000 and enacted the stupidest tax cuts ever, turning surplus into deficit in a couple years (“we love Ronald Reagan – but the tax rates he had in place were way too high”) leftists were pissed, but nobody mailed “suspicious white powder” to pro-tax-cut congresspeople over it.


  11. When Republicans won in 2000 and enacted the stupidest tax cuts ever, turning surplus into deficit in a couple years

    What an abysmally simplistic view. There were a few other things going on at the time.

    The funniest part is that the Obama administration is extending the “stupidest tax cuts ever” for most of the country. Why so racist?


  12. So, for over a year Tea Partiers protested & voiced their displeasure & now, after passing this vile legislation, Democrats are suddenly victims. Do we see a pattern already? The TEa Party folks in Texas, cleaned up after their rally?! Wow! Does the left do this? We are told Obama was elected so shut up & sit down. When is the last time the left ever sat down? None.
    This is a constitutional republic & free speech is allowed.
    Obama & Democrats may not be socialists, but many of their policies seriously represent socialist type policies.
    For years America gave away significant dollars to cure poverty. None of those worked & welfare reform came about to make things much better. Now, they want welfare policies back, but this time, they plan not to give out, but to take from.
    The plans actual costs are slowly being revealed. The estimates are now being corrected. They were wrong. It will cost significantly more. And, they did miss covering a few folks. Kids for instance. Guess what? The bill may not cover everyone after all. Whoops?!
    It was wrong to force this through w/o real review, real vetting of its contents. And, never in our history has the nation started a plan to repeal a bill, before it was even signed. It was so bad, the ‘fix’ plan was underway immediately. Worse. The fix is not a real fix. Whoops?!


  13. I feel a little sorry for my sister, who voted for obama against my advice. Now she is ashamed to face me. She knows I will razz her and like a true liberal, she can’t take it.


  14. I got a real kick out of watching that video of the CBC members walking past the people yelling “Kill the Bill”. The guy Cleaver, who thinks a guy spit on him purposely, comes back with a cop a minute or so later and can’t point out the guy who was shouting at him even though he’s standing right smack in front of him!


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  19. Chicago: ‘People Wanted Change, This Is Change. They Need to Shut Up.’ Nice Deb: Video Of The Spitting Incident Appears On Youtube and Oopsie and 3 Reasons Why Obamacare Won’t Cut the Deficit One Thin Dime and There Will


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