Lefty Blogger Uses Photo Of Sarah Palin Effigy Being Hanged As Example Of Right-Wing Hate

How does she he! manage to do that, you ask? By using a wide shot, and saying that it’s Nancy Pelosi:

Conservatives remember very well that the hanging Sarah Palin effigy was done as a Halloween prank during the ’08 election as the media reluctantly cluck clucked, Sarah Palin effigy: a Halloween trick gone too far? Ya think?

He also uses pictures of the Fred Phelps clan (Democrats),

and a few semi-over the line tea party signs as examples of right wing hate. Weak tea compared to Bush era protest signs.

The koolaid must be strong for this one.

The name of his blog, ironically enough is The Conservative Lie. You can go tell him hey, but don’t count on your comment appearing. Mine didn’t.


The Conservative Lie blog has been shamed into taking the pic down, citing, “a mistake”.

Yes, it’s understandable in this current right-wing Kristallnacht we’re living through, to mistake a  a very real Palin effigy, for a non-existent, completely made-up Pelosi one. It happens!


It looks like our hero, who’s working so feverishly to expose conservative hate has replaced the bogus Palin pic with yet another bogus pic. Remember this sweetheart?

The Tea Party movement in Houston has been on to “tea party founder” Dale Robertson since February of last year. Pajama’s Media reported:

He has been described as a fake, a con artist, and worse by frustrated tea party groups across the land. Houston’s, in particular, is so upset at being associated with the man that they sent out the following press release:

1. He is NOT a member of our Leadership team.

2. He owns a website with which we have never been affiliated.

3. He has never been a part of organizing any of the Tea Party rallies in the Houston area, or any other area that we can find.

4. We addressed some issues involving him back in April. Here it is on our website, where Mr. Robertson himself comments: http://houstontps.org/?p=318

5. We do not choose to associate with people that use his type of disgusting language.

Robertson and his publicist encourage the MSM to consider it a mere squabble between various factions involved in the tea party movement. But quick research on the internet shows that no one in the actual tea party movement wants anything to do with the man.

Needless to say, left-wing sites have been repeatedly drawing attention to him as an example of racism in the tea party.

From the post linked to above:

Something Fishy

Friday, April 17, 2009

One Dale Robertson has purchased DBA names for, among other things, Houston Tea Party, Texas Tea Party, Houston, TX Tea Party, and on and on.  But what really interests me is the next page:

He’s also purchased Houston 912 Project, The 912 Project, We Surround You Houston, We Surround Them Houston, and on and on.

A pattern begins to emerge, one of a man bent on either controlling the names available for current movements in Harris County, or on extorting money from the leaders of these grassroots movements.  Apparently we irritated him when we registered the name Houston Tea Party SOCIETY, because he didn’t think to get that one.  I hear he is offering to sell the rights to the names to leaders of these movements.So, purportedly a self-described member of a movement that’s against sleazy opportunistic politicians is presenting himself as a sleazy opportunistic non-politician?

Personally, I think that’s a great capitalist idea, and I wish him luck with that.

Dang that koolaid must taste good!


More fishiness:

The Mudville Gazette is on the case of  the lone gunmen. Who are these miscreants?

The photographer of the offending sign above, Greyhawk was able to discover, is a man named Cameron Brenchley:

Cameron isn’t as mysterious as the subjects of his photos. A quick Google search reveals he’s a New Media Specialist for the U.S. House of Representatives, meaning that – among other things – he conducts blog outreach on behalf of the good folks who were inside the Capitol debating that bill. That’s excellent news – even though he declared via his Twitter Feed that a different sign was the “Best tea-bag sign of day,” any employee of the House of Representatives (and former US Air Force Staff Sergeant) will certainly recognize their responsibility to expose (and neutralize) the threat conveyed in those signs beyond the blogosphere – so that’s no doubt been taken care of.

The striped shirt guy does bare a minor resemblance to Dale Robertson, but I’ve decided upon closer inspection that they’re not the same guy. Commenters at the Mudville Gazette noted a “union thug” look to the guys. Whomever they are, their sign constitutes a threat, and they should be persona non gratae at any tea party.


Searchlight vs. L.A.: Rival Rallies Reveal Stark Right/Left Divide By Zombie

A compare and contrast our right wing hate finding sleuth might want to check out totally ignore. After all, he  won’t link to NSFW pics, so that pretty much excludes most left wing rallies.


Video: Andrew Breitbart Explains To Cop The Egg Throwing Incident Outside Of Searchlight

Here’s an astonished Andrew Breitbart explaining to an officer what happened outside of Searchlight, after Harry Reid’s  astroturfers called the police claiming he (not them!) threw eggs on the Tea Party bus.

Video via Ryan P Dixon:

Heh, Breitbart sure loves to talk!


Keep talking Andrew – whether or not you threw the eggs -the NYTs has got you pegged as a modern day Bill Ayers: NYT Ponders: Weather Underground, Tea Party Movement Just ‘Varying Degrees of Rage’?

Still MORE:

Hot Air has video of the actual egg throwing, and Andrew Breitbart’s reaction to it.

Linked by Michelle Malkin, thanks!


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Showdown in Searchlight Tea Party

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Obama Administration Not Through Messing With Honduras

Hugo Llorens with BFF Zelaya

I thought their long, national nightmare was over, but Mary O’Grady, who has been reporting on the Honduran crisis since the very beginning, says the Obama administration continues to meddle in Honduran affairs, and  align itself with the region’s Chavistas.

Last year, the U.S. tried to force the reinstatement of deposed president Manuel Zelaya. When that failed and Team Obama was looking like the Keystone Cops, it sent a delegation to Tegucigalpa to negotiate a compromise.

Participants in those talks say Dan Restrepo, senior director for Western Hemisphere affairs at the National Security Council, let slip that the U.S. interest had to do with American politics. The Republicans, he said, were using the administration’s support for Mr. Zelaya, an ally of Venezuelan Hugo Chávez, against the Democrats. It’s not going to work, Mr. Restrepo is said to have informed the other negotiators, because “we have the power” and would be keeping it for a long time.

Um? Could the Obama administration really be so petty as to punish an entire nation because the Republicans had taken up their cause?

It can’t have been comforting for Hondurans to learn that while their country was living a monumental crisis, fueled by U.S. policy, Mr. Restrepo’s concern was his party’s power. For the record, an NSC spokesman says “Mr. Restrepo didn’t say that.” But my sources are more plausible considering what has transpired since.

Four months after a presidential election, reports from Honduras suggest the Obama administration remains obsessed with repairing its foreign-policy image by regaining the upper hand. The display of raw colonialist hubris is so pronounced that locals now refer to U.S. ambassador Hugo Llorens as “the proconsul.”

Washington’s bullying is two-pronged. First is a maniacal determination to punish those involved in removing Mr. Zelaya. Second is an attempt to force Honduras to allow Mr. Zelaya, who now lives in the Dominican Republic, to return without facing any repercussions for the illegal actions that provoked his removal. Both goals are damaging the bilateral relationship, polarizing the nation and raising the risk of a resurgence of political violence.

I’ve already excerpted too much – Read the entire report at the WSJ. O’Grady concludes:

It’s hard to imagine what the U.S. thinks it achieves with a policy that divides Hondurans while strengthening the hand of a chavista. Revenge and power come to mind. Whatever it is, it can’t be good for U.S. national security interests.

Everything this administration does is mortifying and ruinous. I agree with what Drew said over at AoSHQ:

I was disgusted by Obama’s sting of apologies to foreign nations last year but the fact is the next president is going to have issue quite a few apologies for the behavior of this disgusting administration.

On a related note:

US ‘may not veto UN resolution on Jerusalem’

Doug Ross asks:

Can anyone tell me why this administration treats dictators, thugs and tyrants better than our allies?

Via Cold Fury, Michael Barone struggles to answer that question in his latest piece: Friend of the Enemy, where he sums up Obama’s foreign policy, as: attack America’s friends and kowtow to our enemies:

Examples run from Britain to Israel. Early in his administration, Obama returned a bust of Churchill that the British government had loaned the White House after 9/11. Then Obama gave Prime Minister Gordon Brown a set of DVDs that don’t work on British machines and that Brown, who has impaired vision, would have trouble watching anyway.

More recently, Obama summoned Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House, permitted no photographs, laid down nonnegotiable demands, and went off to dinner.


Perhaps like Barack Obama Sr., he regards the British as evil colonialists. Or perhaps like his preacher for 20 years, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, he regards Israel as an evil oppressor.

But the list of American friends Obama has slighted is long. It includes Poland and the Czech Republic (anti-missile program canceled), Honduras (backing the constitutionally ousted president), Georgia (no support against Russia), and Colombia and South Korea (no action on pending free-trade agreements).

In the meantime, Obama sends yearly greetings to (as he puts it) the Islamic Republic of Iran, exchanges friendly greetings with Hugo Chávez of Venezuela, caves to Russian demands on arms control, and sends a new ambassador to Syria.

What we’re seeing, I think, is a president who shares a view, long held by some on the American left, that the real danger to America often comes from America’s allies.

Cross posted at Potluck Bloggers

Hat tip: Drew


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Video:Aerial View Of Traffic Going Into The Searchlight Tea Party

As you can see – at least “dozens of people” were flowing into the small town, many having to get out and walk for miles to get there:

Video sent by Infidel Joe:

This video shows traffic flowing south on Nevada State Route 95 leading from Las Vegas to Searchlight. Some of the backup is due to the traffic trying to enter the rally site, but a lot of it consists of people trying to get to the site.

We got one report that a group from Bullhead City, Arizona had to walk 4.5 miles from where their bus had to park. Many probably chose to pass on by realizing there was no place to park.

There is no question that this rally would have been much, much larger had sufficient parking been available.

Video by American Border Patrol

MORE from Searchlight:

El Marco was there, taking lots of pictures:

You can see El Marco’s full report and many, many more pictures at Looking at the Left.