Video:Aerial View Of Traffic Going Into The Searchlight Tea Party

As you can see – at least “dozens of people” were flowing into the small town, many having to get out and walk for miles to get there:

Video sent by Infidel Joe:

This video shows traffic flowing south on Nevada State Route 95 leading from Las Vegas to Searchlight. Some of the backup is due to the traffic trying to enter the rally site, but a lot of it consists of people trying to get to the site.

We got one report that a group from Bullhead City, Arizona had to walk 4.5 miles from where their bus had to park. Many probably chose to pass on by realizing there was no place to park.

There is no question that this rally would have been much, much larger had sufficient parking been available.

Video by American Border Patrol

MORE from Searchlight:

El Marco was there, taking lots of pictures:

You can see El Marco’s full report and many, many more pictures at Looking at the Left.


3 thoughts on “Video:Aerial View Of Traffic Going Into The Searchlight Tea Party

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  2. Love the “Who’s Your Daddy?” sign. Now THAT makes the title of the book make sense. It does not make sense that the father in “Dreams of My Father” refers to Barack Sr. — a guy who abandoned him and scarcely kept in touch.


  3. I was there. We were two hours early and had to walk in at least one mile and a half. I’m not sure how many of us were there but there must have been at least 10,000 cars!! It was fun. It is inspiring. I cannot wait until Novenber!!


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