In Case You Were Wondering What A Rent-a-Mob Looks Like

Andrew Breitbart delivers.

Someone needs to call Eric Boehlert on his pager, STAT,  and let him know that Andrew Breitbart got his facts wrong re Harry Reid’s “negro dialect” comment. Breitbart made a factual error while the throng of union thugs surrounded him, shouted in his face, (with one threatening  him, and another spewing forth a 3/4 full mouth of saltine crackers), BEHOLD: Reid didn’t say that Obama had a negro dialect, he boasted that he didn’t have one, (thus, making him more electable). Get it right, Breitbart!

You can watch the other video, which shows the egg-wielding eggman, at Big Government.

Hat tip: Frugal Cafe.

Linked by Michelle Malkin, thanks!


Jesse Walker’s theme song?



7 thoughts on “In Case You Were Wondering What A Rent-a-Mob Looks Like

  1. Dingy Reid said that Obama had a Negro dialect when he wanted to; but Obama could speak (as Biden also said) clean and articulately to appeal to white Americans.


  2. IBEW……they give the electrical trade a bad name. tell ya what buddy rowe, i’ll take you AND your union skills on any day in a troubleshooting match. head to head.


  3. RE: “Dingy” Reid:

    i’ve been wondering is it din-jee, as in looks like long past time to wash those dirty socks or deeng-ee as in ding dong?

    both seem to be appropos…


  4. He’s right. The Demographics, also according to this moron “democratics” have changed. People that can actually speak in complete sentences who have been too busy working hard, taking care of their children, and paying their taxes have decided that they don’t want to work hard so that others don’t have to, want to take care of their own children, not everyone else’s that think it’s up to others, and have decided that Democrats don’t know how to spend money, say “no”, and are incapable of actually telling the truth because to do so would mean you wouldn’t vote for them.


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