Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone – even you trolls. He is risen, rejoice and be glad.

The Easter Alleluia is one of my favorite Alleluias:

This caught my eye…We painted eggs on Saturday…but it wasn’t anything like this:

And via Pundette at Potluck: It’s amazing what you can do with Easter marshmallow candies : Take a peep…

Easter Blog Round-up!:

Verum Serum: Happy Resurrection Day! <<<awesome video

The Anchoress: He is Risen! Truly, He is Risen!

The Blog Professor shreds Obama’s ridiculously inclusive Easter address: Obama’s Easter Address Includes “Muslims and Hindus, Nonbelievers”

Look, there are times when being inclusive is very well and good, and then there are times when it’s just plain awkward and inappropriate. Just like it would be inappropriate to include Christians Jews, and Hindus in a Ramadan or Ashoura message – (esp. Ashoura -*shudder!*).

The Professor sez:

In total, Obama mentioned Jesus Christ the same number of times he mentioned Muslims, Hindus and nonbelievers in his Easter address. This was no ‘spiritual’ address in tone, it was political.

Innocent Bystanders : The Day Death Died and “Non Est Hic Surrexit Enim Sicut Dixit Venite Videte Locum Ubi Positus Erat Dominus”

The Hostages: Easter Morning

Hot Air: He Is Risen

Michelle Malkin: Christ the Lord is risen today

Pundette and Pundette: He is not here, but is risen

iOWNTHEWORLD: Ya, Happy Easter To You Too, Google

Newsbusters: Easter, MSNBC-Style: Network’s Facebook Page Features Crucifix Juxtaposed With Man Hooded in White

Pirate’s Cove: Sorta Blogless Sunday Easter Pinup


9 thoughts on “Happy Easter

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  2. Wishing everyone a joyful Easter, Passover or whatever you celebrate that gives meaning to your life and joy to your heart.


  3. We have an Easter video to share: The video is the Story of Edith Easter, written by San Antonio author (now deceased) Russell Kelfer. The video of the Edith Easter Story is available for viewing at http://www.vimeo.com/9510248. There is also an Edith Easter page on Facebook where the video can be viewed. The video was made by my daughter who is a freshman in college. If you view it and enjoy it, please feel free to share it. Thank you. Happy Easter! Janice McKinney, DeRidder, LA


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