Harry Reid Kicks Off Campaign Tour In Searchlight To A Crowd of Approximately 100

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The AP generously reported that Reid kicked off his campaign tour to “more than 100 cheering friends and supporters”.

“You can’t escape who you are. My roots are here and no one can take that away from me,” Reid told a crowd of more than 100 cheering friends and supporters inside the Searchlight Nugget casino, about 60 miles south of Las Vegas.

Nevada’s Democratic senator spoke at the start of a three-day campaign bus tour through the state he has represented since 1986. Reid calls it his “Driving Nevada Forward” tour and says he plans to discuss issues including jobs, energy and health care.

His “smart grid” reference was to a $138 million federal stimulus grant Nevada’s main electric utility received in October to help create a network of two-way meters that exchange real-time information between the company and customers about the cost and use of energy.

Reid dismissed Republican criticisms that the health care reform law he helped push through the Senate amounts to the federal takeover of health care. Reid said he expects the measure will reduce the national debt by $1.3 trillion over the next 20 years.

Obamacare is going to reduce the debt by 1.3 trillion? Woohoo! Yayyyyy!


Dingy also took the occasion to mock Sarah Palin, although Allahpundit reports that his jibes weren’t as nasty as they usually are.

…maybe, like most people who are facing doom, he’s mellowing a bit as the end approaches.

Video here.

(I love that Greta’s watching Sarah’s back).

10,000+ teapartiers rallied in Searchlight on March 27th for the Teaparty Express’s “Showdown in Searchlight”. A crowd of 100 supporters show up for Harry Reid’s kickoff rally in his hometown.

Draw your own conclusions.

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Video: Obama’s First Pitch At Nationals Game “High and Wide”

Believe it or not, it’s even worse than last year’s effort, which is sad, because as Mary Katherine Ham reports, he’s been training in preparation for this:

He’s also been practicing for his first ceremonial pitch at the Nationals’ home opener today:

Spokesman Robert Gibbs says Obama has hurling pitches at personal assistant Reggie Love and White House trip director Marvin Nicholson, as he prepared with workouts in the White House Rose garden. Obama threw out the first pitch at last year’s All-Star game in St. Louis, wearing a White Sox jacket, a nod to his hometown Chicago team. Gibbs wouldn’t comment on Obama’s choice for a jacket to wear at Monday afternoon’s game.

Well, here it is:

You know, there’s no law that says the President must throw out the first pitch of the season. Gad.

Here’s Obama’s first bloop pitch of the All Star Game, last year (thanks Media Matters!) which Joe Scarborough thoroughly mocked on his show, calling it, “a bit dainty”:

And here’s the Bush pitch from October 2001, which is the one Scarborough wanted viewers to see:


I recommend this video, which includes the build up to the actual pitch Bush threw at the World Series in 2001:


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Video: Bill Whittle: Support Your Local Tea Party

Bill Whittle pontificates on the battle between those who wish to abdicate their responsibilities in favor of the security of totalitarianism, and those of us who appreciate and want to preserve our freedoms.

See also:

Michael Barone: Under Obama, Reducing Choices for the Future

Last summer, I wrote a column framed as a letter to a young Obama voter. It concluded: “You want policies that will enable you to choose your future. Obama backs policies that would let centralized authorities choose much of your future for you. Is this the hope and change you want?”

It seems that some young Obama voters have decided it isn’t. The Pew Research Center’s poll of the millennial generation, which voted 66 percent to 32 percent for Obama in 2008, found that they identify with Democrats over Republicans by only a 54 to 40 percent margin this year.

Perhaps they are coming to realize that the burdens the Obama policies are placing on the private sector economy are reducing their choices for the future.


April’s Fool: NYT Picks Up Fake Story Meant to Ensnare Political Bloggers

Liberty Pundits got a kick out of this:

Gawker’s got a post, which also covers another false story the NYT ran with – but this blog one is just so rich.  Let’s go to the source.

New York Personal Injury Attorney Blog.comEric Turkewitz wrote in this blog that he had been appointed “official White House law blogger“:

Since word is already dribbling out among my friends, I thought I should let you know here: I’m closing down this blog in the next few weeks to start up a new one at the White House as their official law blogger. I’ll have the opportunity to both expand the scope of my writing and serve my country at the same time. As blogging gigs go, it doesn’t get any better than that.

It’s a good ruse complete with charts and stories.  So the NYT gets wind of it.  Their “fact-checking” department calls both the lawyer and the White House.  Lawyer specifically obfuscates; he confirms NOTHING.  The WH? No one home.   The story has no confirmation whatsoever on any level.

So what does the NYT do? They run the story, of course.

Yes – this is the same newspaper that spiked a story that tied ACORN corruption to the Obama campaign in the Fall of ’08, allegedly because of  “lack of corroboration”, although NYT reporter, Stephanie Strom told ACORN whistle-blower Anita Moncrief that the editors wanted her to kill the story because “it was a game changer.”’

The official White House blogger story was no game changer though, so why bother with inconvenient fact checking?

The best part of the story according to Liberty Pundits:

And as if it couldn’t get better.  The lawyer turns out to be smug prick that learned something he probably didn’t want to know:

The basic idea was this: A bunch of law bloggers would try to punk the political bloggers, whose reputation is to grab any old rumor and run with it. Fact checking hasn’t always been the strong suit of this community.

But the political bloggers, to their collective credit, didn’t bite, despite wide dissemination of the story. Not on the right or the left. Instead it was the vaunted New York Times that ran with the story without bothering to check its facts. The Times, of course, had no sense of humor about it when the angry phone call came to me a couple of hours later.

So, he tried to punk us and instead found out that what we’ve been saying about the NYT has been true all along.


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