Video: Obama’s First Pitch At Nationals Game “High and Wide”

Believe it or not, it’s even worse than last year’s effort, which is sad, because as Mary Katherine Ham reports, he’s been training in preparation for this:

He’s also been practicing for his first ceremonial pitch at the Nationals’ home opener today:

Spokesman Robert Gibbs says Obama has hurling pitches at personal assistant Reggie Love and White House trip director Marvin Nicholson, as he prepared with workouts in the White House Rose garden. Obama threw out the first pitch at last year’s All-Star game in St. Louis, wearing a White Sox jacket, a nod to his hometown Chicago team. Gibbs wouldn’t comment on Obama’s choice for a jacket to wear at Monday afternoon’s game.

Well, here it is:

You know, there’s no law that says the President must throw out the first pitch of the season. Gad.

Here’s Obama’s first bloop pitch of the All Star Game, last year (thanks Media Matters!) which Joe Scarborough thoroughly mocked on his show, calling it, “a bit dainty”:

And here’s the Bush pitch from October 2001, which is the one Scarborough wanted viewers to see:


I recommend this video, which includes the build up to the actual pitch Bush threw at the World Series in 2001:


Hat tip: JackM at AoSHQ


10 thoughts on “Video: Obama’s First Pitch At Nationals Game “High and Wide”

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  2. That’s probably as hard as The Boner can throw a baseball. Kind of rainbow pitch practicing with sissies his entire life. If you take a close look at Pres. Obama, and it would appear he goes to the Pee Wee Herman Gym of Muscle Mass for his workouts.

    It would help if Boner would buy his own pair of jeans instead of wearing his wife’s.


  3. Eh…at least Obama can get it near the plate. People are still reeling from Cheney’s first pitch a while back…then again we already knew the guy couldn’t aim.


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  5. Augmented Reality seems to be a game changer, indeed. I wonder if some day people will be able to point their mobile device towards just about anyone or anything anywhere, and it will recognize that person or thing and provide any desired information about it.


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