Video: The Giuliani/Huffington Slugfest On Morning Joe

Everybody’s talking about this segment from Morning Joe, this morning. Mediaite calls it “crack for the political junkie”, RS McCain wonders why Arianna is defending Charlie Crist (pssst: because he’s the weaker Republican candidate), Business Insider called it, “Today’s media brawl”, and Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters said Rudy Giuliani and Joe Scarborough humiliated Arianna Huffington.

See what you think:

Looks like she came out swinging, figuring the boys wouldn’t hit back. She figured wrong.


7 thoughts on “Video: The Giuliani/Huffington Slugfest On Morning Joe

  1. good grief how i DESPISE this smug woman and her smug pronouncements. ugh!!

    love how they took her down MANY notches.


  2. In a cage match between Rudy and Arianna, I know who I’d bet on. I just hate this format where everybody’s gotta say something instead of letting him cut loose.

    Oh, happy b-day by the way.


  3. On September 11, 2001, Arianna would have all the New Yorkers bow down and praise Allah. We’ve seen it before, Reid said we lost the war. These clinically insane people really need to get some kind of mental theorpy.


  4. Sparky, how have we “won’ the war? Just declare it? What about the civs killed? How have they won? What have they won? What about the corruption and killed and injured soldiers? What have they won? What about the vets at Walter Reed? What have they won? Sparky, people in NY do not like Rudy. People in Iowas typing in their basement may like him , but New Yorkers fo not like him. Plus do we really want to go to the place about how Cheney, Rumsfield, etc were so wrong about the war?


  5. I feel so honored to have the official spokesman for the city of New York commenting at my site. Thank you Buck Johnson!

    And Jimmie, I didn’t think a disclaimer was necessary, but no actual physical blows took place. Vigorous verbal sparring did ensue after Arianna starting in with the cheap shots and personal attacks.

    Poor Rudy just thought he was there to talk about Marco Rubio.


  6. You ccould obviously tell that Rudy was taken aback when Arianna took a very cheap shot against him. I think it took him a minute before he decided to go “Ike Turner” on her . I was very pleased when Joe decided he would follow suit in the same vein. You could tell Joe waited a minute or two before deciding that Arianna was WAY out of line on her attack. A lesser person would have pointed out her sham marriage to her ex-husband. They may have taken the high road on that issue.. but disliking Arianna the way I do, I would have pounced on it in a heartbeat, followed by fist-bumps with all parties who wanted some knuckle-love.

    Characters welcome


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