Random SRLC Photos (and Videos)

While we’re waiting for today’s conference to start, I thought I’d put up a few random pictures that were taken yesterday:

JC Watts getting ready for an interview in the Hallway, after his speech.

Andrew Breitbart after his speech, in the exhibition hall.

Breitbart and Ed Morrissey in the bloggers lounge.

Congressman Mike Pence arrived to take questions from the bloggers.

Here’s Breitbart expressing his delight  that Pence wants to have his picture taken with him.

Pence gave us a sort of preview of his Sat. speech.

“Repeal” will be on the agenda.


(Brought to us by Ray McKinney running for Congress in Georgia, Ali Akbar, Dr. Melissa Clouthier, Tabitha Hale and Miss Lyndsey Fifield):

We were shuttled past the protest some dirty hippies were holding across the street from the Hilton to a beautiful and fascinating old New Orleans Home for the bloggers get together.

A for effort – most made their own signs

RS McCain with the lovely and gracious Tabitha Hale
ACORN whistle blower, Anita Montcrief

Pierre Legrand and Ed Morrissey

Rick Moran RW Nuthouse

Yes, that’s Breitbart between Tabitha Hale, and Kerry Picket

The backyard fishpond.

The backyard bathtub. Yep, bathtub.


Herman Cain paid the bloggers a visit:

Ron Paul visited the media lounge and took questions from bloggers and news reporters:

On Friday, Mike Pence visted the media lounge and took some questions:


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