Video: Andrew Breitbart’s SRLC Speech

Breitbart’s speech was one of my favorites…Oh, who am I kidding? It was probably my favorite…I get such a kick out of the guy:

True story: At the bloggers bash, Friday night, Andrew introduced us to his lawyer buddy, who he assured us was “no conservative”. He served as Breitbart’s witness that Breitbart predicted everything ACORN, and the “institutional left” would say and do in response to the ACORN sting videos – right down to who would say what….which is why Breitbart dropped the videos one at a time in order to ensnare the media, who kept falling into the trap.


4 thoughts on “Video: Andrew Breitbart’s SRLC Speech

  1. my hubby keeps sneaking onto my computer to update his blog on the world cup. He’s a fanatic. It keeps him out of my hair, but he needs to go to his room! haha


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