Young Republican Couple Savagely Beaten In New Orleans, Friday Night After Protest (UPDATED)

Here’s the bare bones story, via KSLA:

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s chief campaign fundraiser is recovering from injuries she suffered in a Friday night altercation with a group of people in the French Quarter.

The governor’s office said Monday that Allee Bautsch suffered a broken leg and her boyfriend suffered a concussion and fractured nose and jaw in the alleged incident, which happened after a fundraising event at Brennan’s Restaurant on behalf of the Louisiana Republican Party.

Jindal was at the event, but was not present when the incident occurred.

Jindal spokesman Kyle Plotkin says Bautsch had surgery over the weekend and is facing a recovery time of 2 to three months. He says New Orleans police are investigating the incident and the governor’s office would have no further comment.

The attack happened shortly after a group of anarchists protesting the SRLC outside the Hilton Riverside had dispersed:

This Anarchist report, via Louisiana’s premier conservative blog, The Hayride mentions that protesters marched down to the restaurant:

Anarchists took to the streets in New Orleans on Friday to protest the SRLC, marching to the Hilton Hotel, where a banner was hanging from the roof which said “We won’t pay for their crisis. Become the crisis!” —- The march then headed to Brennan’s Restaurant, where a $10,000 a plate SRLC dinner was in progress. Brennan’s is notorious as the largest donor to the LA Restaurant Association, which sued to block a $1 minimum wage raise that was approved by voters in New Orleans in 2002. —- Protesters marched against traffic and lost the police on the way, and attempted to storm the restaurants doors after chants echoed off the walls in the narrow French Quarter streets. The police arrived just as people started to stream through the doors and they pushed everyone back outside. SRLC delegates were forced to walk a gauntlet of protesters chanting “they say cut backs, we say fight back!” as they exited the restaurant.

The Hayride has been busy filling in the blanks:

The Brennan’s Beatdown: Piecing Together A Story (Updated, 2:15 p.m)

It was originally reported that the couple was attacked because they were wearing Sarah Palin pins, but that story hasn’t panned out. While it is possible that what happened was a result of random violence, the implications are that it may have been something more.

I was surprised to hear about the story, since I was there over the weekend, (I took the picture above), and never heard anything about it while I was there. But as The Hayride asserts,last weekend was a particularly violent weekend for New Orleans:

But most importantly, while the attack on Allee Bautsch and Joe Brown has significant national importance in defining the true nature of political violence in America, as a local matter it wasn’t the really big news in New Orleans over the weekend. While outrageous and awful, what happened to Bautsch and Brown paled in comparison to the outright carnage that was also going on throughout the city. To wit:

A suicide-by-cop in New Orleans East Friday night;
A man murdered by a shot to the head in New Orleans East on Saturday;
Eight people shot on the corner of Canal and Royal Saturday night, within a couple of blocks of a full police deployment;
A murder in Marrero early Sunday morning;
A triple shooting in the Bayou St. John area on Monday morning;
A double murder in the 7th Ward on Monday afternoon.

With a police blotter that full, it really isn’t that much of a surprise that an attack which didn’t involve someone dying or gunplay wasn’t an immediate big story. Should what is being reported pan out, however, it’s likely the Brennan’s attack will have more legs than the others.

Here was a scene we came across on our way to the Court of the Two Sisters:

A woman sprawled out in the street – 613 Royal, Sat night

New Orleans has a very high crime rate, no doubt about it.

If it turns out to have been politically motivated, I will be blogging more about it, as it follows a pattern of left-wing violence against conservatives that the media chooses to ignore.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit who has a picture of the couple.

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1. A picture has surfaced (see Gateway Pundit) that proves that the anarchists did indeed march to Brennan’s to protest outside the restaurant.

2. The police report has been released:

Superintendent Warren J. Riley and members of the New Orleans Police are asking the public’s assistance in locating and identifying several suspects wanted in connection with an incident that occurred in the 600 block of Saint Louis Street . The incident occurred Friday April 9, 2010, at approximately 10:45 P.M.
According to investigators, the victims were walking from a function at a restaurant in the 400 block of Royal Street . When they entered the 600 block of Saint Louis Street , three to five Caucasian males made derogatory comments to the 25-year-old female and her 28-year-old male friend. When the male victim turned towards the group of men, one or more of the suspects struck the victim several times. At some point the female victim fell to the ground and screamed. The suspects then fled on foot. Officers in the area heard the female screaming and responded to the scene and broadcasted a description of the suspects and requested Emergency Medical Paramedics. As the female was waiting for EMS , she used her purse as a pillow. When the victim was in the ambulance, she discovered her purse was missing.

The female was transported to a hospital where she was treated for a broken leg.   The male victim was also transported to the hospital and was treated for a mild concussion, fractured jaw and nose.

One of the suspects was described as a Caucasian male who appeared to be dirty, in his 20’s, 6’1″ tall, thin build with a thin face. He had a beard and auburn color hair in a pony tail. He was wearing a light color T shirt and dark color pants.

The incident is on-going and detectives are in the process of determining if any surveillance cameras captured the incident.

Investigators are currently working on the incident and at this time the report is not available. Notification will be made to the media when the report is complete and ready for dissemination.

Investigators are in the process of identifying the suspects, as well as a motive.   Eighth District Detective Sergeant Nicholas Gernon is in charge of the investigation. Citizens with information that can help solve this crime are asked to call CRIMESTOPPERS at 822-1111, toll-free 1-877-903-STOP(7867). You could receive a cash reward of up to $2,500.00 for information leading to the arrest and indictment of the responsible person(s). You do not have to give your name nor testify to receive the reward.

One of the suspects was described as a Caucasian male who appeared to be dirty, in his 20’s, 6’1″ tall, thin build with a thin face. He had a beard and auburn color hair in a pony tail. He was wearing a light color T shirt and dark color pants.

The Freepers have found a picture of a guy from the protest who fits the bill.

See The Hayride for more info about the protesters/anarchists.

UPDATE II (4/14):

The Hayride updates with video documentation that the protest outside of Brennan’s restaurant had turned ugly:

So now we have evidence that the protest at Brennan’s was significantly more intense than at the Hilton, and the protesters were driven away by the police. We know for a fact that some of the Iron Rail people not only organized the relocation to Brennan’s but they were there. We see some pretty explicit animus toward Jindal and the folks who were at his fundraiser.

What we don’t know is that any of the protestors were still at Brennan’s when Allee Bautsch and Joe Brown left, or whether they were involved in the attack. But given that neither were robbed and that the attack on them was a lot more than a little scuffle or a hit-and-run, which is evidence that they were beaten with a purpose, wouldn’t it seem most likely to suspect a relationship?

The New Orleans Police say they’re looking for leads. Perhaps they should look at 511 Marigny Street.


The Hayride asks a good question: What If It Had Been Mary’s People?


SRLC Brennan’s Beatdown Looking Politically Motivated


38 thoughts on “Young Republican Couple Savagely Beaten In New Orleans, Friday Night After Protest (UPDATED)

  1. Dis-gusting. Miss your site deb. IT switched to a new filtering thingy called websense and it blocked you and slapped my hand. Un-believable as you keep it so much ‘cleaner’ here than ace and I can go there. You hang in there gal.


  2. Because a web site publishes a story, doesn’t mean it’s true. Witness the “death” of Johnny Depp recently. Words do not equal facts.


  3. A young Republican couple was viciously attacked, there is no question about that. The question is whether or not it was politically motivated…as I make clear in the post.

    I don’t know what your beef is.


  4. God, conservatives are the worst. There is so much BS in this story.

    First off, “anarchists took to the street”? These were hardly anarchists. Signs like “healthcare is a right” and “schools not jails” are hardly the rallying cries of anarchists.

    Secondly, the whole Palin pins controversy? Ugh, ever heard the story of the boy who cried wolf? Stop lying and trying to make any violence against conservatives politically motivated. No wonder these stories don’t get picked up by the “liberal media.” Every time something like this happens it turns out to be BS. Remember that girl who carved the B in her face? Psycho.

    Look at the picture you posted above. A bunch of yuppies with messenger bags are not beating up people. I hate to say it, but New Orleans is not the safest city in the world. It most likely was random violence.

    I just hope innocent people don’t start getting shot by tea baggers who think it’s their right to kill people who make them uncomfortable.


  5. The “anarchists took to the street” quote comes from the anarchists’ own website.

    I mentioned upfront that the Palin story turned out to be false…and this could very well turn out to be random violence. Did you actually read my post?


  6. this is stupid, this is why I hate anarcho-fags. god forbid anyone thinks for themselves instead of engaging in sheeple herd behavior. I hate humanity.


  7. It most likely was random violence.

    Nice completely unfounded speculation. The victim said that she heard the attackers talking about the Palin pins. That’s the only fact we have. Did she actually hear it? Let’s wait and see how it unfolds. But for now, saying that she’s lying is more unfounded than saying that you believe her story.

    We don’t use the term “tea baggers” here. We’d appreciate it if you cleaned up your act and didn’t use it either. Otherwise your comments will be modded or deleted.


  8. I just hope innocent people don’t start getting shot by tea baggers who think it’s their right to kill people who make them uncomfortable.

    I’ve noticed your goons at the SEIU find the smallest, elderly men, or more often the women to manhandle and beat up. Congratulations – that makes you party to cowards. But then, I already knew that.

    Of course, clowns like you add to the animosity with your puerile, inane insults (i.e. – tea baggers), failing to recognize that makes you the tea baggee.


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  10. These little anarchists are anything but. They are socialists who stand there with their hand out, protesting anyone who doesn’t support radical left wing policy. They are entirely pro-state and there is nothing anarchistic about their stance on anything. They are simply leeches, standing there with their mouths open like baby birds waiting for nanny government to take care of them.


  11. Without reading through this thread, I hope someone pointed out that there are many, many dirty Caucasian pony-tailed men that are tall and thin, bearded with auburn hair. It almost describes my son, but not quite. It is a stretch to say they found someone who fits the description. So what? It doesn’t prove anything, but makes somebody look petty.


  12. But believe me, anarchists are violent and crafty. They are not just dirty, dumb kids. They are more likely to be disgruntled kids from middle class or maybe upper class families. At least that’s what I believe. Can’t say I’ve met too many or asked them about their background, but I’ve met a few.


  13. It’s not a stretch to say someone who fits that description was in the area. That’s what the police would call, “a person of interest”.


  14. Well I think the description is a bit vague. Did the guy have any tats? piercings? Distinguishing features? I am just saying that the area was full of ruffians and it is no surprise someone fit the description. So should this person be interrogated? That too me seems like a stretch. I don’t think the cops can do that.


  15. Sorry deb, I am not sure about this, but I do have a background in law and criminal justice. I could be wrong, but I don’t think that is enough to call him “a person of interest” until the victims id him. Then, yes. They should proceed.


  16. “A doubt that they were able to notice every little characteristic about the assailants because it was dark, and they were getting the crap beaten out of them.”

    If the victims ID’d him, I would think he’d be a “suspect”.

    Folk who were in the area, who fit the descriptions, I would think the cops would want to talk to.


  17. Liberals are the most violent element of the nation, with a clear goal of dominating the lives of every American, they are traitors….


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  19. If any one attacked me in such a manner on the street at night, it would be very easy to identify them – they’d be the dead MF lying on the ground with bullet holes in their body.


  20. Sometimes I don’t know what is real and what is part of a conspiracy. Bob, I think you fit into the latter. Or maybe not. Maybe you’re just fed up.

    I think most Americans agree with you. But I think murder is a bit of an over-reaction in this case. Do you really want to go to prison for a decade? I dunno, maybe you like the thought of being molested. I have trouble understanding that.


  21. And I say decade because you may get a sympathetic judge or jury. But then again, maybe not.

    Of course you most likely wouldn’t do it. Just an example of “false bravado” I imagine. But if you do, I would suggest having a concealed weapons permit. That is likely to be to your advantage…


  22. Oh rilly, Classless? I take it you’re a gun expert?

    btw, You do know I’m anti-gun control. In case I haven’t mentioned it, I am. I am not a shooter. I use words instead. It’s safer that way. 🙂


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  28. Wouldn’t it be great if Young Republicans got the shit beat out of them more often! God they’re such miserable, hateful assholes. Thanks for posting on the Anarchists’ good works. Jesus is with them.


  29. Wouldn’t it be great if Young Republicans got the shit beat out of them more often! God they’re such miserable, hateful assholes. Thanks for posting on the Anarchists’ good works. Jesus is with them.

    Yeah, ’cause it fits his whole “wise as serpents, peaceful as doves” instructions.


  30. 迷迷糊糊之间,他感觉自己整个人变得空灵了,整个宇宙都进入了他的掌控。他一念能让整个宇宙重新来过。他一念也能让某个人瞬间兴起。而且,他找到了自己的星球。


  31. 很多人不甘心,都开始学陈力,把妖兽弄了出来,或者飞剑。总之,不再用走的。马上,队伍拉长了。试炼这么多年来,去飞船的路上都是用走的,这次却被陈力打破了传统。


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