Video: Andrew Breitbart Rocks The Washington DC Tea Party

As Breitbart rolled off noted examples of left-wing violence against conservatives, he neglected to mention the most recent example –  the brutal beating of a Governor Jindal staffer and her boyfriend in New Orleans, this past weekend, which is increasingly looking like it was politically motivated.

You know what had particular resonance with me? Breitbart’s story of his conversion to conservatism, which happened after watching the Dems and the media (but I repeat myself) smear the reputation of  Justice Clarence Thomas’ during his confirmation hearings in 1991.

I was never a lib. I was a young, fairly apolitical  mother of a newborn at the time, and I remember being outraged and appalled by the nasty tactics the left was employing to destroy the character of a good and decent man. What they were doing was so transparent, and so vile, this “high tech lynching” that was taking place. That’s when I discovered the Rush Limbaugh Show, and took delight in hearing my inherent conservative views espoused and defended day in and day out. That’s when I realized that there were millions more like me all across America.  I’ve been hooked ever since.


5 thoughts on “Video: Andrew Breitbart Rocks The Washington DC Tea Party

  1. Nicedeb, not to worry. i think Rosehips got Clarence Thomas confused with B.J. Ciinton. I mean who cares about a little sexual harresment, and oppressiv ewrk enviroment so long as you keep abortion, cheap and common?

    As ti Rush Limbauigh, I long suspected there was a great conservative core to thi s nation. Rush just said on the air what I always knew to be true.


  2. Big Hips,

    Clarence Thomas a “good and decent man”, deb? So it is okay by you to sexually harrass in the workplace?

    Do you believe in innocence until proven guilty? But then I digress. You’re a female lib and all men are pigs. Do you believe in libel or slander?

    Can you explain why Anita Hill, while supposedly sexually harassed (notice spelling), followed Clarence Thomas not once, but twice to new places of employment?



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