Video: Shocking Potty Language From MSNBC Host Prone To Making Awkward Metaphors

Or….Tingles Decries Tinkles….

Or….Chrissy Gets All Wee Wee’d Up!

Okay, I’m done.

Check it out, Chris Matthews says Republicans are peeing all over Obama…

Found at YouTube while looking for something else.

Now I don’t even remember what I was looking for.


The segment is from April, 2, which Newsbusters covered, here.


No Thank-You

It’s hard not to be offended by Obama’s stunning hubris the other day:

Did you feel any relief in your day to day lives due to Obama’s purported tax breaks?

I didn’t either. What I did feel was horror as I watched an already bloated big government expand even more. I felt helpless as the private sector continued to bleed jobs, and I felt  angst as I watched what should have been a recovery turn into long term stagnation.

Obama didn’t “save the economy”.  He’s forced his ruinous policies on an unwilling nation, and then told us we should thank him for it.

Darlene Click illustrates our feelings beautifully:

See the Frugal Cafe for a great round up of conservative responses to this latest example of Obama’s famed humility. Do not miss Patterico’s special thank-you to the President.