Video: Shocking Potty Language From MSNBC Host Prone To Making Awkward Metaphors

Or….Tingles Decries Tinkles….

Or….Chrissy Gets All Wee Wee’d Up!

Okay, I’m done.

Check it out, Chris Matthews says Republicans are peeing all over Obama…

Found at YouTube while looking for something else.

Now I don’t even remember what I was looking for.


The segment is from April, 2, which Newsbusters covered, here.



5 thoughts on “Video: Shocking Potty Language From MSNBC Host Prone To Making Awkward Metaphors

  1. Tingles abandoned any pretense at impartiality before I was born. But he will relish his role as the Minister of Hopespeak after the Reichstag moment.

    “Round up every single Republican and throw them in the camps! They are too stupid to know how benevolent our leader is, and cannot be allowed to spread their lies any longer.


  2. They have become so shrill, so shrieking, so insane that no one except the most partisan LiberalDemocrat can pertend they are not. But that does not stop them from doing so and it never will, not in this lifetime. They simply are living in a parallel universe where everything will be allright because the sky hasn’t fallen on them, YET! When Iran gets a bomb and gas goes up to 20$ a gallon and stays there until the Fifth Trumpet Sounds, even then they will insist it is all Bush’s fault for messing with those people and if we’d just left them alone we wouldn’t be in this terrible mess! There is no dealing with them, we must Defeat Them!


  3. Sad how confrontational he gets with any non-liberals or liberals who disagree with Dear Leader™ on any issue.


  4. I have often wondered why in the company of any party, my own mom and kids included, progressives believe it is impossible to converse without being vulgar, and that every conversation requires some sexual innuendo as description.


  5. YO Tex – I know why, it makes them feel more tough and more rightous. Being eternally children, Liberals admire brutality and are trying to sound like street smart tough guys. It allows them a way vent their pent up rage when their obvious Balloons of Liberal Bullshit are punctured and land in their faces. And reacting with purple rage makes them feel so good in their rightous anger, that they simply must be right.


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