ACORN Resurrection: Bertha Lewis Sends Out ACORN Fundraising Letter

ACORN has risen from the dead to “empower working families”, fight for justice, and help Democrats get elected. The Dems are going to need all the help they can get this Fall.

Matthew Vadum at Big Government reports:

The organized crime syndicate known as the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), which has been making much ado about its feigned withdrawal from the national political stage, continues doing business as usual.

Proof comes in the form of an email, which went out to ACORN supporters on April 16 and which came two weeks after ACORN’s faked dissolution on April Fool’s Day as a national organization.

You can see a PDF of the fundraising letter at Big Government.

ACORN chief organizer,  Bertha Lewis writes:

ACORN is not dead!

ACORN is alive because you are alive and still fighting for justice. Over the past 40 years, ACORN members have been through a lot in the fight to empower working families and families of color — and it has been the commitment of people like you, regular folks doing extraordinary things, that has made it possible.

It’s weird that she felt the need to separate working families from families of color. Colander approves! <<(link fixed).

The worst part:

…the Obama administration has already restored full funding to ACORN, which used to employ President Obama.

The fiscal floodgates are opening for ACORN, the president’s former employer and legal client, despite a congressional ban on funding the activist group that has long been a practitioner of election fraud.

In a March 16 memo Office of Management and Budget (OMB) director Peter Orszag quietly ordered federal agencies to resume funding the group whose employees were caught on hidden camera videos last year condoning a variety of crimes including child prostitution and tax evasion.

Looks like they’re back in business  – and Republicans in Congress are powerless to do anything about it. Why they didn’t cut off federal funding of ACORN years ago, when they held majorities, I’ll never understand.


Pajamas Media and The Washington Times have picked up the story.

Hat tip: Mark Hemingway, Washington Examiner

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