More On The Political Beating In New Orleans

Governor Jindal campaign official, Allie Bautsch

The Hayride continues to be on the leading edge of this story, and if you’re interested in it at all, you’ve already been checking their blog for updates. If not, do so now, because there is no longer any question that this was a politically motivated attack.

I’ve been keenly interested in this story, myself, for a number of reasons…

#1 -because I was there for the SRLC while this happened, although I didn’t hear about it until the Monday after I got home. I walked the same streets that the young couple who were so savagely beaten, walked. I passed by the anarchists who were protesting the SRLC in front of the Hilton, and later the Republican fundraiser with Bobby Jindal, down the street at the restaurant, Brennan’s. I even took several pictures of them.

#2 – This took place at a time when liberals and the media (but I repeat myself) were building on their narrative of  dangerous, racist, psycho, protesting “tea-baggers” threatening the tranquility of the land. The narrative, took a hit when polls showed that 40% of tea partiers were actually not even Republicans, just disenchanted Independents and Democrats…and that more people identify with the tea partiers than with Obama. But it spiked back up this week, just in time for the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. Never-mind that most, if not all examples of actual political violence since the tea party movement began, (or ever) has been perpetrated by leftists, and this episode looks like the latest example.

#3 – It’s fascinating to watch the MSM slowly catch up to the blogs in reporting the key elements of the incident, and it’s a bit disheartening to see the cowardice on so many blogs on the right;  blogs that were too timid to put 2 + 2 together. What were the chances that this was going to be anything but a political attack with the heaps of circumstantial evidence that was so apparent from the very beginning? There is nothing wrong with a blog pointing out the obvious – “Hey, this thing looks like it may have been a political- even partisan attack”.  This is an important story, and one that runs very counter to the narrative that the MSM is pushing, right now. But when big conservative blogs fail to give it the exposure it deserves,  (out of some misguided notion that we have to have the sort of evidence required in a court of law before we can proceed), we lose. This is why the libs have gotten away with spreading their false narratives for so long, because so often, conservatives don’t show up to  fight.

Okay, I feel like it’s safe to post this picture, now:

I refrained from posting it, last week, choosing to link to Free Republic, instead, because it was just a photo, (found by internet sleuths) of a guy from the protest who fit the description of one of the perps to a tee.

Since then, the photo has been shown to Allie Bautsch:

– The picture at left, (above) of which we now have several shots, is of an individual who, if he isn’t the prime suspect in the beating of Allee Bautsch and Joe Brown, sure ought to be. Bautsch told me via e-mail this morning that the suspect she and Joe Brown described to the police “looked exactly like that, and so did the rest of them (with different color hair).” She took pains to say that she can’t make a positive identification of this man as one of her attackers, but he fits the description they gave to the New Orleans police. This is someone who needs to be questioned about the attack; there are two YouTube videos still available on which he appears.

The first one is of the protest as it marched from Lafayette Park to the Hilton.

And the second one is of the protestors as they marched to Brennan’s.

He was on the scene, he was part of the protest and the victims say he looks “exactly” like one of the assailants, right down to what he was wearing.

Apparently no one from the New Orleans Police Department talked to Allee Bautsch at any length until Thursday of last week, six days after the attack.

Linked by Weasel Zippers, thanks!


Pajamas Media and The Washington Times are now running this story.


The latest from The Hayride:

UPDATE, 7:35 p.m.: Not a lot of developments today, but we are reliably informed by very well-placed sources that the official investigation does, in fact, have as part of its focus the angle of the protest and its organizers. Furthermore, the YouTube videos that Daniel Mauch made private (isn’t it just a little ironic that an anarcho-communist who wants to destroy the concept of private property is engaged in attempting to deny the public the use of his intellectual property?) have been captured and downloaded and are in the possession of the authorities.

This is not to say that an arrest is imminent. But while the political angle to the attack is being downplayed by official channels, it is without question a major part of the investigation, which is heating up.


Young Republican Couple Savagely Beaten In New Orleans, Friday Night After Protest (UPDATED)

SRLC Brennan’s Beatdown Looking Politically Motivated


60 thoughts on “More On The Political Beating In New Orleans

  1. Yeah, some fellow on one of our mutual friend’s facebook page was so insistent that it was a random mugging. Never believed that story one bit. I’ll still be surprised if charges are brought against these “alledged” criminals.


  2. oh deb, deb, deb….You are setting yourself up! Although I support your efforts to find the truth, your case is just so weak!
    Here’s the description you posted the other day of the “person of interest”:
    “a Caucasian male who appeared to be dirty, in his 20’s, 6′1″ tall, thin build with a thin face. He had a beard and auburn color hair in a pony tail. He was wearing a light color T shirt and dark color pants.”

    My response:
    1. The victim admits she can’t make a positive i.d.
    2. the man in the above picture does not appear to be “dirty” to me.
    3. okay, he looks thin. A lot of anarchists are thin!
    4. The description says “auburn” hair. This guy does not have auburn hair! His beard, maybe…
    see auburn hair color here:
    5. Okay this guy has a beard. Did she describe the length in the police report?
    6. Pony tail? Hardly. If I were to describe this guys hair, the first thing I would say is he has “DREADLOCKS”!!! Dreadlocks pulled back into a knot, or something. Not really a pony tail, but okay…I’ll give you this one.
    7. Most hippies with dreads are non-violent. This is in my “expert” opinion. I say most, because there are always exceptions.
    8. Yes this guy has a tee shirt. So does just about everyone else in the pic! And if you consider this grey tee as “light”, I’d argue that point. I would not consider this tee “light.”
    9. It’s hard to guess age sometimes, but I’d guess this guy is in his 30’s, not 20’s like the description.

    Well, there are just 9 points I offer to dispute you and those internet sleuths. I proffer these respectfully. I think we established that I am no troll. I am like you; I want to get to the truth. But I don’t want a watered down version of it, or unproven speculation.

    I would love to go down to New Orleans and try to help the investigation. I think I could be useful. If I only had the funding to go down and see for myself. Hey, deb. Maybe you and I should team up. We can keep each other honest. 😉


  3. And did the victim happen to mention the “perp” had a black pack slung over his shoulder? Okay, he could have stashed it.

    But this guy doesn’t look violent to me.

    And I just noticed something else. He is holding a child’s hand!!!!!!

    What’s wrong with this picture!!!! This photo shows a loving father standing up for what he believes in. And you are turning him into to PUBLIC ENEMY #1 without a stitch of proof!

    TSK, TSK, TSK nicedeb.


  4. This guy looks more like JESUS to me than a violent political attacker!

    Am I making any sense to anyone here? Whatsoever?

    Just looking for a little validation…I’ll calm down soon. I pwomise. 🙂


  5. I haven’t checked the Hayride and I don’t intend to right now. I’m too worked up.

    I do have a policy of not making more than 5 comments in a row on any blog. I can tend to be a blog-hog. I know that about myself. It’s a curse and an addiction. I am thinking of starting a self-help group. It will all take place virtually…on a blog, of course!


  6. You don’t think violent criminals can also be parents?

    1. She’s not positive but says he looks exactly like the person who attacked her.

    2. He probably looked dirty in the dark. Look at his untidy ponytail.

    4.His hair looks auburn to me.

    6. Those don’t look like dreadlocks to me, just untidy hair.

    7. What about hippy anarchists?

    8.The tee might have looked light in the dark.

    9. Again, it was dark.

    Keep in mind that not only was it was dark when they were making their observations, but they were getting the shit beat out of them.

    I considered most of your points, last week, when I decided not to post the pic, but now the fact that the victim has seen the pic, and says it looks *exactly* like her attacker, speaks volumes. I think, out of caution, she didn’t want to make a positive ID in an interview.

    I understand in your expert opinion, a hippy isn’t violent, but they described a hippyish looking dude, so this one appears to be violent. The one above may or may not be the perp, but as I said before, he’s a definite person of interest the cops should be talking to.


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  8. deb, of course parents can be violent, otherwise there wouldn’t be so much child beating going on. But this guy does not look like a child beater to me. He looks like a peace-loving, tree-hugging hippy.

    Well, I’ll tell you a little bit about victim identification. Did I mention I studied criminal justice once, way back when?
    Victims often have subjective memories. You have to show a line up or a group of photos to get a more objective response. You can’t show one pic of one suspect and accept her response (“It looks exactly like the person who attacked her.”) as credible. nice try, nicedeb.

    And yes it was dark. So how can anyone go so far iout on a limb and accuse someone who in my opinion, based on the description, is completely innocent!


  9. And I apologize for getting overly excited. I already did a post this morning with links to this post.

    Based on my experience and knowledge, I will say that the New Orleans Police will NOT question this young dad based on the circumstantial evidence presented here. But if they do, I bet the guy has a good alibi, like he was home with his wife and young child, playing acoustic music, singing, or maybe reading politically correct nursery rhymes.


  10. You know, they persecuted Jesus too.

    deb, have they located this “person of interst” yet? I could be useful in this. I bet I can find out who this guy is. It will take some “expert” sleuthing, but I’m up for the challenge.


  11. deb, I updated my post with an uncropped version of the photo of the above “suspect”. It shows a woman holding the child’s other hand. Two protective, loving parents. I think you missed the mark here. In fact, you are WAY off it.


  12. It just looks like streaked hair to me, but if dreadlocks, that’s probably where the “dirty” came in. It looks kinda gnarly.

    Rosehips, you do realize that you’re making more assumptions based on the guy’s looks, than anyone else? I’m not saying he’s definitely the perp, but he is definitely someone the police should question after being identified by the victim as someone who looks *exactly* like her attacker.

    You are saying he’s definitely not the perp, and even go so far as to offer an alibi for him.

    You say she should see a police line up to make a positive identification, but you’re not willing to put the guy in a police line-up?

    This isn’t a “witch hunt”. A severe beating took place in the French Quarter a week and a half ago, this guy had been at Brennan’s with the protesters, and he has been identified by the victims as someone who looks exactly like her attacker. A real crime took place, a real person of interest has been found.

    Hopefully the New Orleans police are following all leads.

    Also, I don’t think posting this picture equates to the persecution of Jesus, for crying out loud….talk about diminishing the Passion of Christ.

    Having said all that, I did feel a great deal of reserve before putting up the guy’s pic because at this point it’s all speculation. As a blogger once said, if you have second thoughts, don’t do it.


  13. deb, re: second thoughts… I appreciate your candor.

    My point, developed as we comment, is this. By showing the victim a photo of some guy who attended the rally without other photos of different men fitting the description, the police investigation has been conflicted. They can no longer present a line-up or pics to help identify the perpetrator. Do you follow me? The investigation has been compromised. Even if this guy did do it, he will get off because the victim apparently spoke with outside sources. It really smells rotten to me deb. It stinks like all the dead fish in lower Slate Lake, Alaska.


  14. Some good intentioned person or people tried to do their own investigative work. But they have little experience, apparently. They should let the police do an investigation, and if they don’t like the results, fine. Go ahead and find the beasts who did this unconscionable thing.


  15. Yes deb. I’m afraid it’s been compromised. I have outlined it in my post. You cannot do an investigation without police consent or you could jeopardize the investigation. Of course we all know this! By showing the victim a photo of the above “person of interest”, citizen journalist interferred. Now the police will not be able to get this guy in a line-up or in a book of mugs. He is scot-free. On a technicality. Without a trial, without conviction, without justice. That, of course is if, a big IF, he did it, which of course I think not.

    I am assuming that the journalists indeed did talk to the victim and I assume the police did not give consent. Also, did the police already show her a line-up or mug book with this guy’s pic? If they did prior to her claiming that the guy “looked exactly” like one of the attackers, then the results of the investigation should show that she picked him out.

    Everything else is pure speculation.


  16. The terror in that young girl’s eyes enrages me. I’ve had about enough of these anarchists with their “A” encircled shirts. A lot of us are starting feel that way Rose Hips.

    Am I making any sense to anyone here? Whatsoever?

    The answer is no. And since you’re a lib, and this isn’t one of your philosophical sisters or pet speculations like global change, your solution is to forget and move on. It is not important.

    It’s retching really, as I recognize if this was one of your sons beaten to a pulp, you’d be apoplectic right now and deservedly so. You damn sure wouldn’t be minimizing the attack like you are now.


  17. I am not minimizing the attack Tex. That is so unfair. I have stated that I find it unconscionable. But to target a person just because he peacefully demonstrated his beliefs with no evidence that he commited any crime, to me is reprehensible. I’m sorry if my values conflict with yours. I thought conservatives believed in the Constitution. For EVERYONE.


  18. I think a victim of a crime can talk to reporters without police consent. It happens all the time.

    The protest started out fairly peacefully, but it escalated.

    Have you watched any of the videos from the protest at Brennan’s? Because it got kind of ugly there.

    You keep asserting that the guy she identified was entirely peaceful, without any evidence to suggest that.

    Again, bloggers are interested in the guy (not “targeting” not condemning him) because the victim said the perp looked exactly like him. That is newsworthy.


  19. And if the victim did indeed talk to “reporters”, then I bet she did it AGAINST her attorney’s advice. I can assure you no attorney would overlook that little tidbit of advice.


  20. I’m sorry. I’m just sick of my rights being trampled on. It’s happening on both sides. I have every right to protest as the Anarchists, the Neo-Nazis, Tea Party patriots, Environmentalists, Constitutionalists, Defenders of Freedom, etc, etc


  21. Rose,

    Nobody is begrudging your right to protest. That’s all your crowd does – because it is now obvious you can’t perform.

    Nobody is telling you how to dress or what to believe. Your rights have not been trampled upon in any shape or form, other than being taxed without due representation. And even that has your approval as long as others are taxed more egregiously. It’s the progressive way, as you’re representation incredibly generous with other people’s money.

    What you don’t have a right to do is intimidate, coerce, threaten, beat up, harass, or touch. That is what these anarchists do – they’re the definition of punks and cowards in serious need of a beat down. And I mean a major beat down. If that were my daughter, and I have two of my own, and somebody did this to either one, hell would follow. That’s a promise.



  22. Whatever black. As opposed to NONE. There is too much, okay?

    In otherwords, I haven’t missed some sudden and overwhelming flood of such cases, despite the dramatic and misleading statement. Thank you.

    And the situation is no longer “crucial” for Global Warming. It’s already “beyond crucial.”

    Yeah, I’ve been laughing at the “truth” of such assertions every clear day since December when I’ve looked at the snow pack on Mt. Rainier, as I drive around in my Gaia-raping pavement predator.


  23. Tex, please don’t make me gag with your performance references. You have no idea.
    I defend the Anarchists right to free speech and assembly. Nothing more. I don’t condone violence. If you don’t like what they stand for, I really don’t know what to tell you. They are young, angry, disgruntled and getting angrier every day.
    Maybe we should stop and listen to them for just a moment. Maybe they have something they’d like you, and me, to hear. But I guess that would be caving to their tactics. Can’t do that. That would be like bowing to the Sex Pistols. Or something.


  24. rosehips, they’re spoiled, profoundly confused people who want the government to take care of them, and who despise the people who stand in the way of their infantile Utopian vision. They have nothing of worth to say. We’ve seen the likes of these people for decades now, and they are the dregs of society.

    What the hell is wrong with cleaning up, getting a job, and being responsible? Why should the taxpayer have to pay for their college education? Pay your own way. Have a little ambition, and take care of yourself. They were out there bawling about government programs being cut, as the local economy down there tries to heal.

    Btw, I agree that child abuse happens way too frequently in this country, and others, and it’s a serious problem. Anyone who knows people who work in child welfare, or for children’s hospitals know this.


  25. lol, czar. Glad you agree. 🙂
    What designs do you have control over, design czar?

    design czar said: He doesn’t “look violent” to you, rosehips?

    Well, that settles it. //


  26. I dunno deb. There is nothing wrong, in my book, with getting a job, working hard, paying taxes…all the entrapments of society. hehe only kidding about that last part.

    But kids these days are giving up. They don’t want to pursue the dream that they are realizing isn’t real anymore. So they want to knock society down, and live off the remnants. Those outcasts and hangers-on are the disenfranchised. You can denounce them, but that won’t stop their alienation. And a lot of criminal element gravitate to these kinds of groups. It could be any of them. But the guy in the pic, although I did see him in both videos, did not look like he was a hard-core Anarchist. I find many of them change when they have kids. Maybe he was waxing nostalgic. Won’t he be surprise when he is suddenly hauled in for questioning.
    There will always be those who will take what they can get. I don’t know how to stop it.


  27. I meant Rainier Park, but you probably figured that. I love Mt. Rainier. You are lucky to drive by there so often. Must cost a and arm and a leg to keep your beast on the road, eh?


  28. Rosehips,

    It didn’t take me long to figure out you’re a couple of donuts short a dozen, so your inference about gagging gave me pause.

    Yeah, I have a real good idea of performance, from a simple perusal of your pictorial blog, to your inordinate number of posts trying to convey a single thought.

    I hope you don’t drive. 😉


  29. I meant Rainier Park, but you probably figured that. I love Mt. Rainier. You are lucky to drive by there so often. Must cost a and arm and a leg to keep your beast on the road, eh?

    As long as it isn’t cloudy, you can see it all over Pierce County, and much of King… so that would be when I leave home in the morning, and when I drive back in the evening.


  30. Tex, no, the only rolling I am doing around here these days is on the floor! omg. The doctor told me not to laugh! I will have to refrain from reading any more of your comments until I am in full recovery. 😉


  31. Big Hips,

    The doctor told me not to laugh! I will have to refrain from reading any more of your comments until I am in full recovery.

    That’s called Obama strain, and brought on by gritting your teeth as you are forced to fib about Obama’s fabulous performance after dismal results.


  32. Tex, I called my doctor, and then my lawyer. They both said I should avoid you.

    My lawyer said there is only a distant chance I’d be eligible for a settlement if I indeed did exacerbate my injuries by laughing at your ridiculous stabs at humor.


  33. And Tex, FYI, I am an Independent voter. I did not vote for Obama in my local caucus (okay, I went and actually registered dem, but then declined to vote.) I did not support President Obama in the early stages of his campaign. I worship Dennis Kucinich. Partly for his politics, but mostly for his sex appeal. They don’t make “cute” cuter than he.


  34. And President Obama is doing better than the extreme right will admit to, and a lot worse than his loyal worshipers will have you think. He’s a freakin’ politician and a narcissist to boot! Bad combo, imo.


  35. I worship Dennis Kucinich.

    Worship Dennis Kucinich? 😆

    That’s like worshiping a gnome. Do you hum into crystals?


  36. Nice Deb, Rosehips just posted 67.9% of the total posts on this article, i.e., 36 out of 53. Troll or none, rosehips is taking over your blog. Some of this stuff is interesting perhaps even insightful from a different point of view. But if you look at what – whoever rosehips may be – is being said, too much of it amounts to bunches of irrelevant parsing and campy jokes. It seems like a cloud of locusts blotting out the sun, and perhaps on purpose. Perhaps you have finally been recognized by the left as a blog worthy of being neutralized. I think you know you are being played, but it’s your blog. You may have other purposes, but you are letting someone obscure your points. Heh, just sayin’
    PS I had a terrific day today rosehips and hope you did too. (Sura 2:29)


  37. Whatever, 7Heavens. You are right. I have an injury that has kept me home and the doctor won’t even let me go out in direct sunlight! But I am recovering quickly and will soon be out and about. But regardless, I can take a HINT.

    nicedeb, I had fun on your blog and you provoke interesting discussions. I enjoy blogging with you and SOME of your articulate friends. And it was tons of fun playing with Tex and Geoffy and some of the others.

    I did not try to “neutralize” anyone or any blog. But I did sometimes dominate the discussion and I realize that can turn off your “base.” But I kept it to just some of your blogs, out of respect.
    I was only doing what I enjoy, which is debating and making wisecracks. Sorry if some can’t stand me. 😉


  38. ahem. now that the troll is gone…

    Deb, this attack may really be more about anarchists and their enablers, the Libertarians and anarcho-Liberals on the Left. remember what i posted earlier about the Vans Warped Tour? the anrachist Warped Tour (now in its 16th year i think?) is one of the main recruiting events of Libertarians and Ron Paulists. in general, their anarchist types hate Republicans MORE than progressive liberals.

    was it just a coincidence that Warped Tour 2010 kickoff concert was in California on 9 April. on that same day, they had coordinated “events” (unspecified) throughout the country for those not able to attend the Hollywood CA event. i searched their website again today and they have apparently scrubbed any reference to such coordinated 9 April events.

    a good news snoop needs to find out who coordinated the anarchist event in NO on the 9th. i can’t find them on Facebook anymore. are they trying to cover themselves up?


  39. Hi deb! Not returning to cause disharmony, but I am wondering what is happening with the case??? Has the alleged attacker been found yet?

    I haven’t heard anything, but then I’ve been a little groggy lately. I had to go back to ER yesterday and get more painkillers! Evidently my ribs are cracked, and now they are infected and inflamed!

    I sure hope I don’t turn out like Rush and end up busted in some alley trying to score some scription drugs when the doctors cut me off. Or conversely, I could be caught trying to sell these things on the black market. Do you know what sort of money I could make? I really don’t know, but I imagine a lot. If I tuff it out and take the pain, it would be easy for my to push these pills around this town. H#ll, I live practically across the street from both a junior high and a community college. How long do you think it would take me to go sidle up to a group of 8th graders and sell every last tablet? haha I bet it would take less time than it would to throw two shoes at the President.

    I hope you have a glorious day, deb. I am staying off your blog for the most part. I know there are many of your followers who don’t appreciate me. Some will probably take me serious when I talk of pushing pills to young students. But I know You don’t think that deb. I’m just having a little fun, taking advantage of the little buzz I get from these vicodan. I’ve never taken pain meds in my life. This is a first for me. I’m very pure, you know. lol


  40. rosehips, I’m sorry to hear you’re in pain, but the Rush cracks are kinda of low, doncha think?
    I haven’t heard much more about the case, but the police reportedly are investigating that anarchist group. Hopefully, they’ll crack the case soon.

    Why do I keep using the word, “crack”? Must be your cracked ribs…

    Get well soon, seriously.


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