Supreme Court Upholds ACORN Funding Ban


Via Big Government, we hear some fabulous news:

The Supreme Court has turned down ACORN’s request for help in its lawsuit claiming Congress was wrong to shut off the activist group’s federal funding.

The high court on Friday refused to throw out a decision by the federal appellate court in New York City. That court had decided to freeze a judge’s determination that Congress acted unconstitutionally in yanking the group’s funding.

ACORN may not be dead, but it’s certainly on life support.


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3 thoughts on “Supreme Court Upholds ACORN Funding Ban

  1. Unfortunately, even as Glenn Beck exposed a few days ago on his program on Fox News, ACORN chapters all over the nation are already morphing into new “community organizing” organizations and changing their names, and as such will most likely be eligble for federal funding in spite of the ACORN funding ban upheld by the Supreme Court. No doubt that “bowl movement” causing turd, ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis, will head one of these new “nascent” organizations that are springing up to take ACORN’s place.

    And even in the unlikely scenario that Madam Lewis doesn’t find employment with one of these new permutations of ACORN, she’ll always be able to find work as a “Madam” for an underage Salvadorean child sex slave ring…. a line of work in which “Turda” Lewis and her ACORN employees not only have some past previous experience, but also all the right “connections.”


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