Video: Extreme Content Warning

Liberal hate speech ahead. And when it comes to hate speech…nobody does it better than liberal trolls.

Freedomworks has released voicemails from enraged libs, in full freak-out mode over the Geico Lizard, (DC Douglas’) firing. In case you’re new to this story, the backstory is here.

Tabitha Hale adds:

Now, just for kicks, go check out DC’s video of messages left by Tea Party members the day we posted his voicemail on Any comparison?


Just between you and me, I’ve always found the Geico lizard with his fake Australian accent, to be cloying, annoying, and unfunny. But now, we know he’s a koolaid drinking Kos kiddie, too – a liberal troll who  harasses Freedomworks staffers, and then  throws together a nasty, dishonest video, calling conservative protesters, “teabaggers” and racists, using the discredited March 20 racial non-incident, and  questionable tea party signage to make his laughable point that right wingers are extreme – when judging from the voicemails he shared, they’re nothing compared to his vile fellow travelers.

You know what? The newly unemployed Douglas would be a perfect fit for Media Matters. I wonder if they’re hiring?

A blog round up, since so many of us are piling on:

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Weasel Zippers: Video: Racist, Teabagging Conservatives Vitriol Hatred Directed at Lefty Group…No, Wait


7 thoughts on “Video: Extreme Content Warning

  1. Amazingly enough, I noticed that every other word out of ALL of these people’s mouths was the “f” word. I guess they don’t have much of a vocabulary. While they are free to say what is one their mind, it might be nice if they used some civility and sense in their rancor. Having served in the military, I am thoroughly embarrassed that I protected these people so they could spout their vitriol and make such threats against people exercising their right to free speach/peaceful assembly (reference the “tea bagger” comments). EVERYONE has the right to peaceful assembly and, so far, the “Tea Parties” have left their areas of protest in better condition than those of their opponents.

    One last thing, it isn’t just conservatives attending the Tea Parties. There are centrists, moderates, libertarians, independents and even some democrats.


  2. 😈 😈 😈

    Somebody get them a teleprompter. An insult isn’t effective when in a drunken, weed induced stupor they can’t string three words together.

    Everyone keep cool during the insults. Just keep laughing at them and pointing fingers. We’re hearing the inevitable sound of lib’s heads imploding from the void.

    Oh, they’ll gang up and throw bricks through windows, beat up little ladies and old men, and swell up like toads when in crowds of the equally perverted. But the minute we really start duking it if it comes to that, they’ll wet their pants fast than Frenchmen drop their guns.

    This is great stuff!


  3. I just wonder how one could be so stupid? A spokeperson for a large national insurance company, and didn’t think his insane remarks would have consequences? What an idiot. But the bigger idiots are the people running the insurance company that hired this jackass nincompoop.


  4. Quick side note, the Gecko is an amphibian and his accent is actually an English Cockney Accent. Most importantly, however, Lance Baxter is not the voice of the Gecko. Baxter instead is the tag announcer for the commercials (that is, he is the guy at the end who says “Geico can save you 15% or more on car insurance…etc.”). The gecko is instead voiced by English comedian Paul Morgan.


  5. No, the Gecko is a lizard.

    And since geckos are native to Australia, I vote for lousy Australian accent.

    And Lance Baxter is a lousy announcer, too, imo.


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