Video: Retracto Going After The Congressional Black Caucus

No video has appeared to corroborate their charges from March 20, although videos have appeared that cast doubt on their allegations. Here, via Andrew Breitbart’s  Big Government, is the latest, which disproves the claim that the tea partiers “charged” Reps Carson and Lewis, plus once again, the shouted racial epithets elude the ears:

Breitbart’s thoughts, here:

Now this story is much more important than the accusation of fifteen racists among the thousands of protesters that day. This is now about the accusers.

It’s not just that Congressmen Carson’s accusation of an extraordinary racist verbal assault by the tea party participants on March 20 doesn’t appear to have occurred, it’s that the accusers have now gone into the bunker and, having raised the incendiary subject, are doing everything they can to avoid the discussion. Why? What’s changed?

Larry O’Conner weighs in, here:

Lee Fang, employee of the liberal think tank American Progress, posted a video he claimed happened five minutes after the congressmen were rushed by an angry mob at Cannon. I had been searching and searching for those five minutes of angry mob action for weeks. I never found it because it never happened.

What did happen, as seen in this video, is that Rep. Andre Carson and Rep. John Lewis strode down the steps of the Cannon Office Building with a wide berth and completely unencumbered. There was no angry mob. And no one “rushed” the congressmen. And no one yelled a racial epithet at them.


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