AFP KS Day At The Capital w/Michelle Malkin

On the agenda today in Topeka, Michelle Malkin, P.J. O’Rourke, AFPF President Tim Phillips, AFPF Vice President of Policy Phil Kerpen, and more.

I got here about 2 and 1/2 hours late, but was pleasantly surprised that I arrived in time to hear Michelle Malkin’s speech, (on the culture of corruption in Washington), and that there were media tables in the conference room for bloggers like me to set up shop.

Michelle:  President Obama’s contribution has been the Chicagoization of the Potomac. “Hope and Change” came with brass knuckles…

Kansas Watchdog aka Kansas Meadowlark has been busy tweeting the conference – You can read more of Michelle’s quotes and quotes from others at the conference using the #afpks hashtag on Twitter.

I already have a copy of Michelle’s book, “Culture of Corruption”, but  forgot to bring it. I’m wondering if I should go buy another, just to get in the book signing line? I missed meeting her at CPAC…

PJ O’Rourke should be good. He recently made a splash with his Plague of ‘A’ Students article in The Weekly Standard, but I thought he was being too kind. The Obami are not just well meaning, nerdy, smart guys who think they have all the answers. As Michelle enumerated, there’s been a lot of corruption, thuggery, and lying going on with this gang in the White House.

We’re having a lunch break now, so I’m going to go get some chow, and be back in a jiff.


Okay, apparently I missed PJ O’Rourke…

Oh well. Punctuality matters. At least I didn’t miss lunch. That was tasty.

Later on this afternoon, the assembly here, will be moving to the State Capitol, where there’ll be an AFP rally, which I’ll also be covering.

Conservative State Senator, (and father of six), Ty Masterson gave a good speech about cutting taxes; “We need to get out there and counteract the propaganda out there in the general public”, he said.

Kansas Watchdog will have video highlights of the speeches up later today.

photo via Kansas Watchdog



4 thoughts on “AFP KS Day At The Capital w/Michelle Malkin

  1. *green with envy*

    You’ll have a fabulous time, Deb – I’ve read several of O’Rourke’s books. He’s hilarious and brilliant – sorry you missed him. But you got to hear Michelle, so high-fives to you!


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