Video: Obama *Really* Doesn’t Understand How Free Market Capitalism Works

Some of the most revealing glimpses into Obama’s true ideology comes when he goes off  ‘prompter. Perhaps the most striking example of this was his October/08 quip to Joe the Plumber about “spreading the wealth”. That is, until now.

Obama thinks there’s a limit to how much a person should be able to earn in this country? What does he think the cap should be? I  assuming that the government would take all monies earned that exceed what is allowed… Is he perhaps signaling  a future financial reform? Putting up a trial balloon?

Ed Morissey notes a fundamental misunderstanding Obama has of the entrepreneurial spirit, which fuels capitalism:

… the responsibility of an entrepreneur isn’t to “grow our economy,” core or otherwise. It’s to grow his own economy. In a properly regulated capitalist system, the natural tension of self-interests create economic growth through innovation and efficient use of capital and resources.

Put simply, a free people work for themselves, not for the government. Barack Obama seems to have a problem understanding that.

I really don’t care how much a person makes, as long as he’s playing by the rules. The sky should be the limit.



11 thoughts on “Video: Obama *Really* Doesn’t Understand How Free Market Capitalism Works

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  3. Why would he use that language about the responsibility of an entrepreneur is to grow the economy.

    I think leftists really don’t understand or appreciate that financial self interest is the thing that makes the economy tick.


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