Friday Hodgepodge

I’m having trouble focusing on any one story, today. As usual, I woke up to mostly depressing news which I’d rather ignore than write about.

The UN elects Iran to the UN Commission on the Rights of Women, with no objection from the US?  Weren’t we assured by the Obama administration that the US joined the farcical  UN Human Rights Council with the intention of  reforming it from within? What a sad joke.

More smart power from the Obama administration:

Obama to Palestinians: We Won’t Protect Israel at UN Anymore if Settlement Construction Continues…

At least Obama’s assault on Israel is finally taking a toll:

Poll: Support Among American Jews for Obama Continues to Crater, Only 42% Would Vote to Re-Elect, Down From 78% Who Voted for Him During Election…

David Limbaugh, Cassandra and Dr. Laurie Roth at CFP write excellent opeds on  themes I’ve been pounding, lately: Strikingly Unpresidential and The Death of Everyman and Not the naive inexperienced boy President!

Gateway Pundit: AMERICAN SPECTATOR STANDS BY REPORT: Obama Officials Sat On Damning Obamacare Info Until After Congressional Vote

Why does this guy have still any credibility with the media? Al Sharpton Threatens Sheriff Joe Arpaio; May Unleash Activists to Shadow His Deputees (Video)

Powerline has the snark of the day: At some point you have grabbed enough power

Find out the tea partier’s secret weapon, here.

The Blog Professor: NPR: Clean air will make global warming worse or something

The Paragraph Farmer takes on Peggy Noonan and Nicholas Kristof : Dragging Hay Bales and Agendas into Church

Big Government: Why The Terrorist Loving Left is Trying To Destroy Brandon Darby

Dan Riehl: The Public School Cartel: Tragedy and Outrage

See what’s been going on in NJ’s schools.

Tsk Tsk BigFurHat!

Heard this on Rush today, Moonbattery has the video: See You in November, arranged by Paul Shanklin.

iOWNTHEWORLD: May Day Contest Win a fur hat from Comrade Karl at Ushanka