Winning America Back Conference With Sarah Palin

I had the pleasure of attending the Winning America Back Conference in Independence Missouri, today, and what a great time that was.

My husband bought VIP tickets, which included seats up front, a  reception, and the opportunity to meet Sarah Palin, and have our pictures taken with her.  Sarah is just a sweet, and gracious in person as you could possibly imagine, as was her husband Todd, who casually chatted with my hubby.

Two other  Missouri  bloggers were at the event:  All American Blogger, Duane Lester of Blog Talk Radio:

Lester interviewed Stephen Broden, a black Pastor running for the 30th Congressional District in TX:

Pastor Stephen Broden on Michael Steele: “Michael Steele is Wrong.”

and then there was the hardest working blogger in blog-business – Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit:

His posts from the conference:

Thousands Line Up to See Sarah Palin in Kansas City

Fred Thompson on Obama: When His True Thoughts & Feelings Come Out, That Concerns Me More Than Anything Else (Video)

Republican Congressional Candidate Stephen Broden: “Michael Steele, You Are Wrong!” (Video)

Sarah Palin: You Don’t Need an Office, Or a Title, Or a TelePrompter To Make a Difference (Video)

Out in the hallway hawking books, was Kansas City native and writer, Jack Cashill.

I bought Hoodwinked: how intellectual hucksters have hijacked American culture.

Jacob Turk, who’s running for Emanuel “Spittlegate” Cleaver’s seat, was also out there doing a little politicking.

Fred and Jeri  Thompson were among the first speakers of the day.

Fred  had some memorable one liners in his speech, which I tweeted:

the potus said we’re still a superpower whether we like it or not… Well mr president – we like it!

When asked about what he thinks about Michael Steele leading the repub party, Thompson says, I don’t think much about him

on immigration- Harry Reid desperate because he knows he’s going to have to go back to searchight and get a real job

How much is too much? Thompson: whatever Obama is making is too much

Co-author of the new AZ immigration bill, Kris Kobach, who’s also running for Sec of State in Kansas gave an outstanding, and timely speech. I live-tweeted some of the highlights:

the president needs to inform himself as to what is in the immigration bill.

Kobach: there seems to be this tendency among the chattering classes not to read the bills.

AZ is 3 for 3 on court challenges of immigration bills…will soon be 4 for 4

Popular local talker, KCMO’s Chris Stigall followed  Kobach:

Control yourselves, ladies!

he loves these events because it drives media pp crazy!

he understands the media’s confusion- we’re not demanding anything…we just want to be left alone.

Musician, Jon David , performed a patriotic tune, American Heart, before Sarah Palin’s speech:

I’ll have the Palin speech up, tomorrow, hopefully.


Texas For Palin: More On The Winning America Back Rally In Independence


Another Missouri blogger in attendance was Dee from Conservatism with Heart: Winning America Back with Sarah Palin, JC Watts and Fred Thompson!!

Here’s a video I took of Sarah Palin answering questions after her speech:


Video: Sarah Palin’s Speech At The Win America Back Conference


Saturday Reads

I’ll be heading out to the the Winning Back America Conference With Sarah Palin in a couple of hours, so I only have time to provide a few good links for your Saturday, before I go.

Here’s some stuff that I found interesting, this morning:

Hillbuzz: Leave Vera Baker Alone. She Did Not Have An Affair With Obama. Read their theory about what’s really going on.

Byron York: Top 10 dumbest things said about the Arizona immigration law Not surprisingly, the President made the list.

Powerline: Is It Obama’s Fault? Asking the question – should more have been done, sooner?

The Hayride: The Macondo/Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, With Running Updates They’ve been covering it since the beginning.

Aaron Klein’s new book, The Manchurian President: Barack Obama’s Ties to Communists, Socialists and Other Anti-American Extremists builds on a theme familiar to Nice Deb readers – I discovered these ties early in ’08, noting them here and here. Hopefully the electorate, after 4 years of observing  Obama in action, will be more open to the information.
Moonbattery: B-B-But Only White Racists Want Immigration Laws Enforced: Awesome video: A  legal immigrant named Gabriella gives the Tucson City Council hell for contemplating a lawsuit against the state of Arizona over SB1070.