“Mostly Peaceful” May Day Rally In SF Turns Violent As Pro-Illegal Immigrant Protesters Attack And Injure Minutemen

The City Square blog was there and has a first hand report:

The SF police pushed back, keeping the pro-illegals on the other side of Polk street.

In the foreground in the photo above are the pro-illegal protestors, behind them is a line of police, then Polk street, then police tape and barricades, then a another line of policemen, then several parked cars, then more metal barricades, then the forty or so Minutemen protesters. The police were being careful. I would have gotten more photos of the Minutemen side but the police were not letting anyone near them.

Also, as shown above, the police had their backs to the Minutemen and faced the May Day crowd. Despite all the media reports about “right wing” violence, the police clearly knew which side was peaceful and which side was dangerous.

Uncoverage has a local tv news video of the protest. I kid you not – Lisa Amin Gulezian, reporting for the SF ABC affiliate made sure to note: “for the most part the event was peaceful, but…”

The City Square reports that the protest got ugly towards the end.

At the end of the demonstration, I watched as the police escorted the Minutemen out of the area. Apparently the escort did not last long enough. ABC News reports that a large group of illegal-rights supporters followed them to the BART station (San Francisco’s subway) and punched and kicked them. Three Minutemen supporters were injured. At least two of the attackers were arrested and will “likely be charged with felony assault and robbery.”

Once again, a left wing demonstration with demonstrable violence is described by an MSM outlet as “mostly peaceful”. Yet the  peaceful, but passionate Washington DC tea party from March 20, 2010 will forever live on in many minds as “ugly” because of the unfair and dishonest news coverage.


Meanwhile in nearby Santa Cruz:

Gateway Pundit: VIOLENT LEFTISTS WIELDING TORCHES Riot, Smash Windows & Burn a Coffee House After Immigration Protest… Media Silent


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Moonbattery: What the Media Wishes Tea Parties Were Like Photos from aftermath of “moonbat-infested” Ashville, NC protest, and others.


Anarchist Killer Unicorns And Aztecs Featured In Denver’s May Day Parade

Photojournalist, El Marco was there to record the weirdness in all its glory:

The International Workers’ Day march in Denver brought some colorful characters to Colorado’s Capital Building Saturday. A diverse group of Anarchists, Marxists, and Revolutionary Zapatistas joined forces to protest Arizona’s new immigration law. White skinned people dressed up as tourist trap “Aztecs” burned incense and performed a new age ritual to sanctify the march. They blessed the 4 winds, blew a conch shell and lifted a dried hawks wing skyward. There were about 100 marchers including children.

“Mostly peaceful”

Go to Looking at the Left for many more pictures from El Marco’s photo-essay.

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LA Times:LAPD estimate crowd at immigrant rights rally is about half of what was expected [Updated] This one was “mostly peaceful”, too.

Well, my stars, Greece had a mostly peaceful May Day rally, too:

may day may day!

A protester uses molotov cocktails against riot police during May Day protests on May 1, 2010 in Athens, Greece. Thousands of protesters gathered in Athens and other Greek cities to participate in May Day rallies, angered by the harsh austerity measures demanded by the EU. Reports suggest that the 45 billion euros ($60 billion) already pledged by the International Monetary Fund and European Union will be insufficient to tackle Greece’s mounting debt crisis. (Milos Bicanski /Getty Images)

Those riot police got off easy. At least they didn’t have to work the dreaded Quincy Tea Party beat.


Uncoverage.net: Pro-Immigration Protestors Attack Tea Party/Minutemen at San Francisco Rally

At least 1,500 pro-amnesty protestors rallied in downtown San Francisco Saturday.

Local tea party members, and the Golden Gate Minutemen, approximately 40 of them,  staged a counterprotest.  Three of the Patriots  group were chased,  beaten and injured by the pro-immigration thugs.  Arrests were made…developing….

See video at Uncoverage. I kid you not…the reporter actually says, “for the most part the event was peaceful, but…”

Gateway Pundit: Immigrants Carry “Death to US Imperial-Fascists” At NYC May Day Rally… Media Silent


VIOLENT LEFTISTS WIELDING TORCHES Riot, Smash Windows & Burn a Coffee House After Immigration Protest… Media Silent


In the interest of fairness and full disclosure…I was able to find an example of tea party violence on this website:

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