Video: Sarah Palin’s Speech At The Win America Back Conference

Here’s the video I took of Sarah Palin’s speech at the Win America Back conference I attended in Independence, MO, on Saturday.  Duane Lester loaned me his Flip HD camera since I had seats up front. Excuse the shaky camera work…I’m not the greatest videographer. My hubby’s better, but he was too lazy to do it. I should note that the guy sitting directly in front of me, (after the picture takers were directed back to our seats), was Todd Palin, in case you wonder why the camera occasionally focused on the back of his head.

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Obama Sets The Tone, Part Deux

I’m not the only one noticing how the left, led by Obama, are using overheated rhetoric to whip up protesters.

Via Weasel Zippers, watch Naked Emperor News’  Hitler Paranoia: Dangerous Political Rhetoric Whips Protesters Into Vulgar Frenzy at Breitbart t.v.

Obama’s bullying political rhetoric also inspired  Matthew Continetti of The Weekly Standard to recently write: The Bully Party – When bipartisan debate fails, Dems fall back on a knuckle-sandwich approach to politics.

The omens are everywhere. Iran is close to obtaining nuclear weapons. The eurozone is in crisis. The U.S. unemployment rate is near 10 percent. America’s social insurance programs threaten to bankrupt the country. And—most unusual—the Washington Nationals are above .500.

But rest easy. None of this is distracting the Obama administration and congressional Democrats from their fulltime occupation: demonizing the political opposition.

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and CNBC’s Dennis Kneale’s: Obama is a Bully

The President called the measure “misguided” and all but labeled it un-American. He even ordered the Department of Justice, before the ink on this bill-signing has even dried, to examine the civil-rights “implications” of the new law. Seems like the courts and rights groups could handle that once any problem actually emerges.

Can you remember any other modern President, wagging a finger from on high, so directly and bitterly criticizing a new law passed by any state?

This is hubris at best and ignorance of the Constitution at worst. The U.S. was founded in part on the precept of states’ rights as an important counterweight to a rapacious federal government. Thus a President must step softly here, questioning gently but avoiding rancor and browbeating.

He might try avoiding Lies, Fish Stories, Whoppers, and Damn Lies, as well.

The Washington Times weighed in with: EDITORIAL: Obama’s race-baiting:

The president is playing with fire by misleading the nation to stir up racial tensions. He’s a lawyer who knows what terms such as “lawful contact” and “reasonable suspicion” really mean. If blood is shed over this imbroglio, it will be on Mr. Obama’s hands.


See Michelle Malkin and for a round-up of  May Day extremism and violence from across the country.

Someone please tell me that this guy is a right wing infiltrater:

He can’t be serious…


Gateway Pundit has more on the violence against the Minutemen in SF:

Immigration Protesters With Brass Knuckles Mace, Beat & Stomp On Counter-Protesters

Moonbattery: What the Media Wishes Tea Parties Were Like Photos from aftermath of “moonbat-infested” Ashville, NC protest, and others.


Something about all this seem strangely familiar?

The Hayride certainly thinks so: Anarchist/Liberal Violence (Updated)


Obama Sets The Tone


Thin Skinned Community Organizer Bristles At Being Called A Socialist

John Ward has a piece at the Daily Caller on President Obama’s Commencement Speech at the University of Michigan in which he displays his now-famous sense of irony to decry the demonization of both sides of the American political spectrum.

The choice bit:


More on that new book by Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott at No Sheeples Here: The Manchurian President: Barack Obama’s Ties To Communists, Socialists And Other Anti-America Extremists

The Real Barack Obama website has an interview with Elliott. Here is an excerpt:

For decades Obama has surrounded himself with a large number of radicals of many stripes. It does truly boggle the mind.

Elliott: We discovered a lot of socialists of many stripes, including Marxists and Maoists. Although never claiming to be one of them, Obama is certainly a fellow traveler in that he was, and still is, constantly surrounded by them, and has been more than willing to share political space and ideology with them.
Pundita: Was there a specific alliance, or set of alliances, in Obama’s personal or political life that caused you to revise your initial view of him? If I recall your initial view was that he was a fairly typical corrupt Chicago Machine politician.

As Marxist professor Manning Marable wrote in the December 2008 ‘Socialist Review,’ a lot of people working with Obama have a background in Marxism and socialism and communism. Obama, Marable says, is a “progressive liberal.” However, he writes, Obama “understands what socialism is.”