How Did Shahzad Escape Homeland Security’s Notice?

Faisal Shahzad (AP/

That’s the question people are asking, today. Captain Ed notes that:

He quit his job in June of last year and let his house get foreclosed.  Then he traveled to Pakistan for five months before suddenly returning in February, without a job but apparently flush with cash.  Apparently our intelligence services didn’t pick up on the fact that Shahzad had traveled to Peshawar, an area known for its terrorist networks, or had inexplicably gotten wealthier on his return to the US.

Granted, many people travel abroad, and DHS can’t track them all.  But how many Americans travel to Pakistan each year?  Return home after five months in Pakistan?  Start doing nothing but cash business despite not having a job and losing their home?  And all of this within just months of becoming naturalized, apparently through marriage?

After 7 straight years of no successful terrorist attacks in US soil after 9/11, we’ve had a string of attacks that should have gotten stopped before they had any chance of succeeding.

We’ve had two successful attacks: the fatal shooting of one soldier and the critical injury of another at a Little Rock, Ark. recruiting office by suspect, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad and the Fort Hood shooting in which  Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire at a military base in Texas, killing 13 people and wounding 28.

and two near misses: The Christmas Day attack on flight 253 by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab that was only foiled by his ineptly constructed underwear bomb, and the May 1 failed Times Square bombing attempt by Faisal Shahzad, again foiled only by his own inept bomb-making skills.

AJ Strata has been reporting for months about the Obama administration’s rollback of Bush era counterterrorism policies and investigations,  which have been allowing these attacks to get as far as they have. He’s asking: Did President Obama & Eric Holder Suspend Another Bush Era Terrorist Investigation?:

We all know AG Eric Holder’s ‘Justice’ Department (sort of a oxymoron these days) closed down Bush era terrorist investigations into Major Nidal Hasan (killer in the Ft Hood Massacre) and probably also into radical US-born cleric al Aulaqi (see herehere and here for details). It is pretty obvious that shutting down the surveillance of these American traitors working with our enemies also gave Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab an opening to nearly bring down a plane full of passengers on Christmas Day as it landed in Detroit, MI.

It is now known, per this NYTs article that Shahzad had been under surveillance by the Bush administration.  And Strata doubts it was ever suspended under President Bush given this:

Mr. Shahzad apparently went back and forth to Pakistan often, returning most recently in February after what he said was five months visiting his family, prosecutors said. A Pakistani intelligence official who spoke on condition of anonymity said Mr. Shahzad had traveled with three passports, two from Pakistan and one from the United States; he last secured a Pakistani passport in 2000, describing his nationality as “Kashmiri.”

Yet it was only his own bomb making incompetence that prevented him from killing lots of people?

There is now a clear pattern of failure and incompetence in the Obama administration’s “law enforcement” approach to counterterrorism. We can’t expect every would be bomber to as incompetent as the last two – the next one could be very skillful at what he does….and there will be a next time, unless the Obama administration starts doing things differently.

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16 thoughts on “How Did Shahzad Escape Homeland Security’s Notice?

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  4. If we are goign to play the blame game, who was President when the anthrax attacks occur , when the twin towers went down, when the Virginia Tech shooting occured, etc… No one is (soft) on crime and justice. If I am not mistaken, not one single person was demoted, fired, etc… after 9-11. If I broke my company’s $35,000 copier, I would be fired quickly.


  5. who was President when the anthrax attacks occur , when the twin towers went down, when the Virginia Tech shooting occured, etc

    The 9/11 and anthrax attacks happened less than 8 months into Bush’s tenure, and after critical changes were made during the Clinton years (see Gorelick, J – helped erect the walls between the FBI, CIA and local investigators making 9/11 possible).

    After 9/11, he put into place counter terrorism policies that the left screamed about for 7 long years, but which kept us safe. Think about it. 0 attacks on the homeland for the rest of Bush’s tenure, (although many were thwarted). 4 attacks already during Obama’s first 15 months. And the only reason 2 weren’t successful is because of the terrorists’ own incompetence.

    That should speak volumes.

    The Obama administration has made critical changes to our national security posture which some are arguing led to these attacks.

    Read the AJ Strata links.

    The VA Tech shooter was a lone wacko, not a terrorist.


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  7. What about the Virginia Tech massacre? Again, we can quit puttinhg blame on whoever. We have had a war on drugs for 5 decades, who is winning that war? Surely not the government. Why don’t we admit many people hate us for many reason, some for very legit reasons. and not governement policy is a fail safe or will stop the hatred. how would you like your homeland bombed out of existence or have had a member of your family toutured? what government “policy” will stop you from revenge?


  8. Again, the VA tech massacre was the result of a lone wacko on no one’s radar screen.

    That’s like asking – what about the Columbine massacre in Littleton, Co…

    Umm? Let’s keep the discussion on topic, mmmkay?


  9. how would you like your homeland bombed out of existence

    My homeland was frittered and wasted away by sticky-fingered, kleptocratic Democrats and their selfish and self-centered constituents in the UAW and various “social justice” concerns that thought nothing of destroying a once-great state and its manufacturing base. Attempting to lecture me on it isn’t just silly and pointless; it is offensive.


  10. You mean, start using his spellcheck?

    More like, stay on topic, stop spamming threads, think before he types, etc.


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