Not Just “No”, But “HELL NO!”

So I saw in the AP this morning that Freddie Mac, is seeking another $10.6 BILLION from taxpayers.  This would bring the total amount “borrowed” from the taxpayers to $61.3 BILLION ($126 BILLION if you add the money we gave to Fannie Mae, as well).

It’s nice to know that our money has been used to pay for the government buying homes for people who could not afford them.  I only wish we had held out for at least dinner and some fooling around before getting violated like this.  But in light of this continuing, I found this part of the article to be the spike in blood pressure I didn’t need this morning:

With the housing market still on shaky ground, Obama administration officials argue that it is still too early to draft any proposals to reform the two companies or the broader housing finance system.

At least not everyone in Washington has completely lost their minds:

But Republicans argue that the sweeping financial overhaul currently before Congress is incomplete without a plan for Fannie and Freddie. Senate Republicans propose transforming Fannie and Freddie into private companies with no government subsidies, or to shut them down completely.

I think the deadbeats got the hope, and we’re left with a little bit of change.


6 thoughts on “Not Just “No”, But “HELL NO!”

  1. Hmmm…I think I’ll do a little post introducing BiWIC to our readers so they know that some of these posts aren’t mine, now.

    That’s a good idea.


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