Hokaaay…Jason Levin Now Urging Progressives To Stymie Rand Paul’s Campaign…

…using the most fraudulent and dishonest tactics imaginable:

Stop The Tea Party Terrorists Now!

Our chance to finally destroy the tea party movement!

Jason proudly introduces himself  at his new posting headquarters, Election Link, as the  founder of  the “Crash the Tea Party ” website, a hero who has been successful at “destabilizing the home grown terrorist network known as the Tea Party movement”.

He wants to destroy the “tea party candidate”, Rand Paul, and prop up his Republican Primary opponent, Trey Grayson, a former Dem (apparently an infiltrator to his mind?)

Check it out:

If you live in Kentucky:

  • Rand Paul campaign signs should be removed. Any road side signs should be thrashed, destroyed or defaced.
  • Pretend to be a Ron Paul supporter. Just like some of us destabilize the tea baggers by pretending to be them, we can also hurt Rand Paul with this method.
  • Here’s some tips when you’re out pretending to be a Rand Paul lunatic.

Those Rand Paul signs you removed from the road side, draw swastikas on them and show up at the polling place pretending to be a tea party supporter.

Tell “fellow” Republicans you support Rand because he:
A, Supports abortions at nine months.
B, Wants to raise taxes and that “we must all do our fair share”
C, Supports the health care bill.
D, Supports Al Qaeda because “Rand knows they are innocent”
E, Republicans are sensitive to 911, tell them you support Rand because he knows 911 was an “inside job”
F, Make stuff up. The crazier the better!

  • Remember, Republicans are a brain washed bunch and are easily fooled, the more outlandish your reason for supporting Rand Paul, the more they will believe you, they do after all believe everything Glenn Beck says.
  • This latest post at Election Link is so over the top, now I’m wondering if this guy posting as Jason Levin is  for real. Would a man who was temporarily suspended from his job teaching at a middle school in Oregon, (but quietly reinstated) endanger his job further by more illegal, ethically-challenged, bizarre, loony-tune online behavior? And if he is for real, what is his game?  Is Trey Grayson really a lib, posing as a conservative?

    On the one hand, Grayson, who  switched parties some time after 1992, when he voted for Clinton, has according to Wikipedia, garnered endorsements from Senator Mitch McConnellDick CheneyRudy Giuliani, Senator Rick Santorum and Representative Hal Rogers.

    But on the other hand, there are disturbing signs that Grayson is a liberal, big government loving RINO; chief among them is this report that he gave the keynote speech at a Van Jones sponsored climate change conference, last year. That is something no true conservative would ever have on his resume. And what conservative would ever say this, for crying out loud. . For a whole laundry list of reasons to stay clear of Trey Grayson, see the Classical Liberal who lays out the case against him quite nicely.

    It’s almost like Levin is a double agent, engaging in counter-espionage operations. His work for “Crash the Tea Party” resulted in no one taking offensive signs at tax day tea parties all across the nation, seriously…(even if some were by actual oddball tea partiers). And now, this latest move tipping people off about the RINO running for the Senate in Kentucky…

    It’s just weird, I tell ya.

    Big hat tip to Stacy.

    Related weirdness from someone who claims to have been reporting on Jason Levin and a “his vigilante group’, Perverted Justice, for the past 6 years”:

    CrashTheTeaParty.org Linked to NBC Universal

    I don’t know enough about Perverted Justice to have an opinion about the work they do. Their website documents over 505 convictions in 39 states across the United States, but their  tactics are deemed questionable, and have been criticized.

    Okay, I’ll be honest…now I’m really confused!


    Jason “Crash The Tea Party” Levin Still Blaming “Teabaggers” For Time Square Bomb


    4 thoughts on “Hokaaay…Jason Levin Now Urging Progressives To Stymie Rand Paul’s Campaign…

    1. It never amazes me how these lefties love free speech, but won’t hesitate to destroy others expression when it suits their needs (i.e. destroy Rand Paul signs).
      Well Mr. Levin…as an expression of my first amendment right to free speech I have a Rand Paul sign in my yard. Come an get it….just remember one thing…….My property is protected exercising my second amendment rights!


    2. Crazy people doing crazy things!
      Film at…. uhhh.. well, just drift around youtube for a while.

      That does seem awfully stupid though.
      Well, true believers have a duty to a higher power.
      Of course, this rocket surgeon might just be really high and thinks he has power.


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