A Snapshot Of Laura Bush Shortly After 9/11

Courtesy of Gretawire on Twitpic, a picture from Laura Bush’s new book, Spoken from the Heart:

The caption reads, “guest teaching in Newark, New Jersey, October 2001. The girl on my lap whispered to me, “did you hear about the buildings?”

Greta must have thought that was a particularly poignant picture to have shared it on twitter. I agree.

Mrs. Bush shared some of her memories  in a CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer:

One of the more harrowing episodes Mrs. Bush remembers is what happened on 9/11 – and whether or not she was afraid for herself or her family, including President Bush.

“Well, I think every first lady probably worries a little bit about her husband,” Mrs. Bush said. “I think that’s just part of it. But not really. I’m not really a fearful person and neither is George. And, of course, we knew we were protected by the Secret Service.”

“Seldom was I really afraid for – for either him or for myself,” she added.

Regarding the first couple’s safety on the day terrorists attacked the nation, Mrs. Bush described to Blitzer, in detail, the White House bunker the couple stayed in for awhile – something she also writes about in her book.

“Well, it really is sort of like a bunker,” she said. “It’s deep below the White House in a basement. I think it was maybe added – I don’t know – during Truman or Roosevelt, during war. And it looks like it was added during Truman or Roosevelt. The furniture looks that old that’s in it.

“There’s a hide-a-bed there that the very first night, September 11, that night, the Secret Service told George and me that they wanted us to stay there, to spend the night there. And George just said, ‘No.’ You know, he said, ‘I’ve got to be in my own bed. I’ve got to get some sleep.’ Because he knew that everything had changed for him and for his presidency and for our whole country.”

Incidentally, in answer to Greta’s question: Ricky Schroeder?


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