Another One In The Obama Administration Who Hasn’t Read The AZ Immigration Bill

You can add Asst. Sec. of  State, P. J. Crowley to the growing list of  high level Bush Obama! officials who have been highly critical of the AZ Immigration law, and who haven’t read the bill. First, it was “Eric The Silent”, or (Eric the Red, if you prefer), who sheepishly admitted that he hadn’t actually read the thing. Then, predictably, Napolitano, under questioning couldn’t claim to have read the bill, either. And now this fool, who was put  in the difficult position of having to defend Stephen Posner’s disgusting apologia for the AZ law to the Chinese, on Fox.

Michelle Malkin says this “makes him the 999th member of the Obama administration to admit complete ignorance of the object of his outrage. Or maybe he’s the 1,000th”…but she may be exaggerating :


Sarracuda piled on, today, as well:

American Apology Tour Continues

On Fox News this morning, State Department Spokesman P.J. Crowley became the third Obama administration official in short succession to admit that he hadn’t actually bothered to read Arizona’s 10-page long “secure the border” bill before condemning it and criticizing Americans who support Arizona’s necessary efforts to do the job the Obama Administration should be doing. Crowley’s statement follows similar admissions from Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano.

At first blush this revelation seemed unbelievable, but maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. This now seems “the Washington way” of doing things. If the party in power tells us they have to pass bills in order to find out what’s actually in them, they can also criticize bills (and divide the country with ensuing rhetoric) without actually reading them.

Still I can’t help but feel outraged on behalf of Arizona’s citizens for the incompetence shown by these Administration officials. Arizonans have the courage to do what the Obama administration has failed to do in its first year and a half in office – namely secure our border and enforce our federal laws. And as a result, Arizonans have been subjected to a campaign of baseless accusations by the same people who freely admit they haven’t a clue about what they’re actually campaigning against.

The absolute low point of this campaign came last Friday, when a U.S. State Department delegation met with Chinese negotiators to discuss human rights.



Marc Thiessen Debates Progressive National Security Schmo On Fox

They dueled over the question of cuts in NYC security funding.

Marc Thiessen needs no introduction, but if you’re like me, you’re wondering, “so who’s this Jon Powers (with his smarmy ‘ they put $100,000,00 in the stimulus bill, which unfortunately Republicans opposed’, crapola) and what’s The Truman National Security Project”?

Consulting Wikipedia, I found:

Powers served as an artillery platoon leader in the 1st Armored Division, and later as the Battalion Commander’s Adjutant in Baghdad and Najaf. Captain Powers commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel William Rabena, described Powers as “one of the most talented officers I have known in twenty-two years of service in the Army.” Rabena went on to say that Powers possesses “extraordinary management skills, leadership, and unmatched talent to accomplish the most difficult tasks with minimal guidance.”

Powers returned from Iraq with the intention of becoming a social studies teacher in Clarence public schools. Because of his experience in Iraq, however, he returned to Baghdad and founded the non-profit organization War Kids Relief.

In 2007, Powers decided to run for Congress in New York’s 26th congressional district. Powers received the endorsement of the Democratic Party and the Working Families Party. In a three-way primary for the Democratic nomination, Powers and rival Jack Davis, who had been the Democratic nominee in 2004 and 2006, released a series of negative ads targeting one another. The third candidate, Alice Kryzan claimed the Democratic nomination on September 9th, 2008. Powers remained the nominee of the Working Families Party despite his efforts to have his name removed from the ballot and his endorsement of Kryzan. Kryzan was defeated by businessman Chris Lee in the general election.

The entry is under dispute because of the lack of citations, however. Hm.

The Truman National Security Project is “a national security leadership institute, the nation’s only organization that recruits, trains, and positions a new generation of progressives across America to lead on national security”.

Progressive national security. There’s an oxymoron for you.

Bootcamps are specialized trainings including communications and messaging workshops, seminars on working with the military and veterans, and current issues.

Liberals are always very concerned with “messaging”, aren’t they?

Here’s an example of TNSP in action, last year, prior to the Climate change conference in Copenhagen, via The Politico:

Tying climate change to national security

This week, Operation Free, a coalition of national security and veterans organizations, is sending a group of Afghanistan and Iraq war veterans on a 21-state, biodiesel-fueled bus tour to promote the message that climate change could hurt American security. The group was launched in August, a month after the House passed the climate and energy bill.

And Votevets, a left-leaning veterans group, bought $500,000 worth of radio ads featuring Iraq war veterans making the case that the climate bill would help the country become more energy independent and less reliant on oil from the Middle East.

“It’s not just a question of American energy; it’s a question of American power,” concludes the ad.

Some conservative Democrats who voted for the climate legislation in the House faced a backlash against the bill when they went home to their districts over the July 4 recess. Democratic leaders believe that a national security message could give their vulnerable members another line of defense to explain their vote in next year’s elections.

“If you talk about climate change in a way that discusses fragile states that are very vulnerable to its impacts, people realize that it’s our troops that will have to respond,” said John Powers, chief operating officer at the progressive Truman National Security Project, a member of Operation Free.

Climate change, say the organizers, threatens the security of U.S. borders and the country’s food and water supply. Failure to act, they say, could weaken America’s position in the world and the country’s credibility among allies.

In September, Operation Free organized a group of more than 150 veterans from across the country to visit Senate offices and the White House to raise awareness of the national security threats of climate change. They were joined by former Sen. John Warner (R-Va.), who had also served as Navy secretary and chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Warner, along with Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), sponsored a climate bill last year.

This appears to me to be just another group set up to promote a leftist agenda.


I Will Not Be Forced To Link To Huffpo

I’m sure the feeling’s mutual.

I was tempted to title this post Pssssst…Sunstein – Don’t Give Him Any Ideas, like I did with my Woody Allen, and Chris Matthews posts.  All three have incredibly insane, and risible ideas about how the government should be run. But the horrifying reality, in this case, is, Sunstein isn’t a nutty Hollyweirdo, or MSNBC pundit –  he’s paid by us, the taxpayers…… give the President ideas.

Breitbart TV:

Uncovered Audio: Obama’s Regulatory Czar Pushes Creepy Plan for Legally Controlling Internet Information

What’s this nutjob doing anywhere near the reins of power?


Game Over For Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal – Senate Now Up For Grabs

Dump Blumy can close shop, and go home. It’s ovah for this candidate. In case you’ve missed the bombshell that exploded in the news, last night – the man who was running for Chris Dodd’s Senate seat, and was leading by 20 percentage points in the polls, has been outed as a phony soldier. The NYT’s broke the story, last night, that Blumenthal had claimed on a number of occasions, (while speaking before veterans groups), that he was a Vietnam War Vet, when in fact, he merely served in the Reserves, where he took part in death defying feats such as passing out Toys For Tots, and only after five deferments. What makes him all the more crapweaselly, is the fact that he lied about  it in the context of making himself look like a victim, which you can see in the video at Hot Air. Captain Ed  notes:

Not only was Blumenthal taking credit for serving in Vietnam falsely, he was framing it in a way to make himself part of the victim class.  Blumenthal’s argument in this passage was to remind everyone that America treated its returning veterans from Vietnam badly (and then oddly included WWII and Korean War vets) — and that he himself was part of that group.

And he didn’t do it just once or twice, but a a number of occasions. Ed speaks for most when he says:

It’s one kind of dishonest to burnish one’s military record with claims of battles never fought.  Falsely claiming victimhood as a consequence of those lies is something else entirely, and much more creepy than the former.   Blumenthal plans on appearing later today with veterans supporting his campaign.  I’d guess that to be a rapidly-declining group, especially as this video and other reports make the rounds.

A Republican opponent, Linda McMahon is taking credit for feeding the Times the story found through opposition research, although the candidate most likely to benefit is
Rob Simmons, a highly decorated actual Vietnam veteran.

That long-shot chance for Republicans to take both Houses this Fall, just became a more distinct possibility.

The Dems have until May 25, to find another candidate, and according  to the Wall Street Journal, via Captain Ed, Blumenthal is staying in.


I was surprised to hear this particular candidate described as “brilliant”, after seeing him in action on the Glenn Beck Show, last year trying to explain his actions against AIG. His epic weaseldom was the reason this video went viral:

See also:

The Washington Post: Vietnam allegations threaten frontrunning Blumenthal in CT-Senate

Where was this watchdog media during the 2008, election?

Michelle Malkin: The Left, bogus war stories, and the NYTimes

Michelle reminds us, “Swiftboating” = telling the truth about a Democrat.

I think it was Ann Coulter who coined that one.


How fitting.

It looks like Blumenthal held his presser, today in the company of another phony soldier, a man listed on  POW Network’s Phony Vets Database.

The New Haven Independent reports, via Gateway Pundit, that Blumenthal called supporter Storm who helped him out today.

Elliott Storm is a Blumenthal supporter. The campaign called him and asked him to show up; he called up his friends in the “Vet Pack” to join him, friends who, like him, travel around the country talking about ex-soldiers who contend with post traumatic stress syndrome.

Like I said…OH-VAH