Tingles *Hearts* Obama

Once again, Chris Matthews is in a snit about something Rush said. On Hardball, Thursday night, he  discussed the commentator, and his hero, Barack Obama with Jonathan Alter. Newsbusters has the transcript:

MATTHEWS: Welcome back to Hardball. The right wing has made it their mission, it seems, to undercut President Obama, to smear him at every chance. Rush Limbaugh has been leading the charge. Here’s some of Rush, just today.

(Begin clip)

RUSH LIMBAUGH: The Democrat Party, the American left, the President of the United States will destroy this party and destroy this country, in order to maintain their power over it. This is the kind of stuff that starts civil wars, folks. You want to know what happened to prosperity? It’s called liberalism. There’s a giant disconnect – liberalism from Americanism. What country does Barack Obama believe he is president of?

(End clip)

MATTHEWS: He’s unbelievable. Remember by the way, we have an open invitation to any Republican officeholder, any respectable one to come on this show and say Rush is wrong. That Rush is not the leader of the Republican Party. By the way you can pick your target. Any nuance you disagree with him on. Any small point, any peccadillo you find in this guy’s argument. Just come on and tell us you disagree with that. So far, nine days since we offered the challenge, no takers.

Anyway despite the noise, President Obama stays on an even keel. And it’s his cool calm reality that’s become his trademark. But can he always be this cool? Jonathan Alter has just written a big book. He examined President Obama’s first year in office with incredible, behind the scenes access. His new book, what a great name, The Promise. Jonathan, my man who studied with great effect Franklin Roosevelt, and the big guys.

Does he still…We have a lot of very pro-Obama viewers that watch this program, and some critics. And the question for the people with heart, and I’m one of them, with heart for this guy, and I’m a critic sometimes. If you have heart for Obama is it still possible that he could find greatness as president? Do you see it?

Watching Chris Matthews talk about the President is like watching a chick-flick about unrequited love. And I hate chick-flicks…especially this one.

By the way, it’s day nine of his challenge to Republicans to come on his show and bash Limbaugh, and still no takers.