JCCC Student Discovers Campus “Discomfort Doctrine” Only Applies To Conservatives

Kansas Meadowlark is covering this disturbing story which illustrates the dishonest left-wing agenda behind campus speech codes:

Johnson County Community College former adult student Kathy Brown took her “Discomfort Doctrine” complaint to the Board of Trustees.

She told them at a meeting last week she did not get equal process because she is a conservative.

Brown’s complaint alleges suppression of speech and suppression of the right to free assembly through the college’s “discomfort doctrine.” She has been working through the college’s complaint process for 15 months.

Brown, an attorney and a nurse, enrolled in the LPN to RPN bridge program for nurses.

Last month Brown described her early JCCC experiences as an adult student:

… I was only here a few weeks before I had an astonishing experience. I was in a human anatomy and physiology class under Professor John Clark. I was having a private conversation with another student after the class was finished. As we filed out of the lab the professor overheard our conversation, and upon overhearing it, leaned over the desk, stuck his finger in my face, and said, ‘Stop. You cannot ask those questions here. You cannot have this discussion here.’

Both myself and the young man with whom I was speaking were astonished. And we inquired as to why. When we did so, the professor stated it looks as if the person you’re talking to is becoming ‘uncomfortable’. …

Brown told about a private meeting with Dean of Sciences, Csilla Duneczky, who informed her of the college’s “discomfort doctrine,” which attempted to regulate speech so no one was ever “uncomfortable.” But Brown said this doctrine applied to her, not to everyone.

Brown said the discomfort doctrine “only applied to certain groups of people” and “they will tear you up” if you disagree with the diversity list, or the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

According to Brown, “the only people that ever got shut down were — you guessed it — conservatives, Catholics, people who didn’t agree with gay marriage. People who identified themselves as traditionalists.”

“I joined the diversity list. I was incomparably stupid. I had no knowledge — had not stepped on a college campus in 15 years. I had no clue that was ‘code’ for you’d better be sure you’re not a conservative, you’re not a Catholic, you don’t belong to what [Diversity Fellow] Kami Day called a “conforming religion. … you better be sure you don’t voice that you don’t agree with gay marriage.” …

“I voiced my dissent. I was savaged in every particular. Leading the charge was Carmaletta Williams, the head of the ODEI …”

“I referred the complaint to Dennis Day, who did everything in the last year to obstruct it, including violating your policy, which calls for two officers to investigate it. … He obstructed the complaint. …”

Read the rest and watch video of Brown’s complaint against JCCC at Kansas Meadowlark.


RedState is also covering this story.

You can listen in tonight at 6 p.m. on 980 AM radio, as Darla Jaye interviews  Kathy Brown.  Click here to listen live at KMBZ’s Web site.



5 thoughts on “JCCC Student Discovers Campus “Discomfort Doctrine” Only Applies To Conservatives

  1. I teach at a community college on the west coast. Our campus, like most, is straight out of the novel “Animal Farm”. Best just to keep your head down and shut your mouth. I’ve been teaching since retiring from a different career. Those who have done nothing but teach are the worse. Not a single clue what makes this country’s economic engine run. They hate the very hand that feeds them…the “private sector”. It’s insane. Academia is just one part of the liberal machine that’s hell bent on the destruction of our country.


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