The Story Behind the Viral “Don’t Touch Me” Video

In case you haven’t seen it, yet:

After watching that, I had to know the back-story. As someone who also cringes when touched by strangers, I was in total sympathy with that reporter. So I googled up “Marc Slavin Laguna Honda” and found the back-story at Asylum:

The Backstory
Dan Noyes was doing an investigative report on San Francisco’s Laguna Honda Hospital. According to his reporting, the hospital administrators had been using the patient gift fund for extravagances like gourmet meals, barbecues and airline tickets for themselves and staff.

Dan went to Honda Laguna Hospital to confront the administration about the report. Noyes tells Asylum that “in 25 years as an investigative reporter, this is pretty much the strangest reaction I’ve ever had from a public official.”

He notes the viral popularity of the clip, and says that commenters on his blog counted the number of times Slavin touched him, versus the number of times Noyes warned him to stop. “I think the final count was 41 for the pats, and 18 for the times where I said ‘Don’t touch me,’ so it was very odd.”

So, was Slavin ever in danger of having the Noyes brung on him? “Well, as a reporter, and as a professional, you have to act a certain way. Of course, as a guy, I wanted to push him, but I wasn’t going to do that because it really wasn’t personal, it was business to me. It was definitely frustrating, because I told him not to touch me, he kept on doing it, and that’s just wrong.”

Read the rest at Asylum. It’s good stuff, including the links to Noyes’ previous work pwning Gavin Newsom’s former sock puppeteer press secretary.

Hat tip: Hot Air Headlines


What? No longer on YouTube? No Prob, Hot Air has the Liveleak video.

And thanks for the link, Allahpundit.


Okay, I found another YouTube video. We’ll see how long it stays up.



6 thoughts on “The Story Behind the Viral “Don’t Touch Me” Video

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  2. This is cringe-worthy. He was just touching him too much (I can’t stand anyone I don’t know to touch me AT ALL), but he was clearly crowding him, staying right in his personal space. I feel for the reporter big time, that touchy-feely freak is beyond annoying.


  3. I do get a little uneasy when strangers feel a need to touch me, but what really freaks me out is sloppy drunk men wanting to hang on me. I cringe just thinking about ti.


  4. What happens if the reported shows up again with an off-duty police officer hired as a body guard? Get the “don’t touch me” recorded again on tape, with some witnesses brought in for the occasion. After the fifth “don’t touch me” the off-duty cop could perhaps arrest Mike Slavin for physical assault, sexual harassment, causing a public disruption, [laundry list],


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