Your Sunday Morning Hymn

I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile – a weekly hymn post, offered for your enjoyment. Worship music happens to be one of my favorite types of music, and I think even the non believers amongst you can enjoy the peace and serenity found in these songs. (If not, don’t listen!)

Today is Trinity Sunday in the Catholic Church, so I thought I’d share this lovely rendition of Holy Holy Holy by Sufjan Stevens:

Art Linkletter.
Gary Coleman.
Dennis Hopper.


2 thoughts on “Your Sunday Morning Hymn

  1. Nice Deb, I do like the old hymns. I get irritated (on Easter Sunday no less) when they won’t sing “Jesus Christ is Risen Today.” No, instead they choose some crumby new age sounding deal that NO ONE (except the choir who’s practiced it) knows.

    Anyhoo, I like Holy, Holy, Holy too. Sang that a lot as a kid.


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