Rightwing Racist Haters? Not so Much.

First you read the title:

“Iraqi assaulted in Denver; suspects face hate-crime charges”

…and, after pitying the victim, you think: “Oh no, the libs will have a field day with this one.” Then you read the lede:

“Two Centennial men face hate crime charges for allegedly assaulting a hookah bar employee early Monday because he is from Iraq, according to the Denver District Attorney’s Office.”

…and you think: “Oh man, the libs are going to be calling all conservatives war-mongering racists for years hereafter.” But then you read this:

“The victim told police the men said they were from Saudi Arabia.”

Oh. Couldn’t they have mentioned that a little earlier? Almost seems like they wanted people to misinterpret it, or at least that they were so bound up in political correctitude that they were reluctant to specify the actual form of the hate crime.

In any case, I’m betting CAIR will keep this in their “hate crimes against Arabs” database, using it to complain about their persecution in this country.



3 thoughts on “Rightwing Racist Haters? Not so Much.

  1. The Orwellian concept of Hate Speech and Hate Crime must be one of our first priorities to repeal when we take back the congress. This has been a ticking time bomb since it’s inception and we must defuse it as soon as we are able.

    BTW Nice Deb – Sent you some pics of the Tea Party, hope you got them.


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