Video: Pamela Geller v.s. Islamic Spokesman On CNN (Update- 911 Mega Mosque Protest Draws over 8,000 5,000!)

Guess which one gets the softball questions:

Pamela’s on the wrong side of history? She’s “fringe”? Really? Why do a majority of Americans object to the Ground Zero mosque? Are they all on the wrong side of history? Was this guy just spouting off a bunch of cheap talking points, or what? Those who don’t buy the bull are “ignorant”…that’s the koolaid the oh-so-tolerant  left needs to feel smugly superior to the rest of us.

It’s clear to me what’s going on, and it has nothing to do with tolerance for different religions, but supremacy over them: A Mosque at Ground Zero Equals Victory.

See Jihad Watch for more commentary.


Pamela’s report on the Mega-Mosque protest:

Excelsior! Upwards of Eight Thousand Protest 911 Mega Mosque on D Day!

Wrong side of history!

El Marco was there as well. His photo-essay isn’t up yet, but he did a pre-report last night:

Prayer Time at the Ground Zero Mosque


I think the 8,000 in Pamela’s post may be a typo, as everywhere else I’m seeing the number at 5000.


Pat Cadell wonders if America is losing its mind:

He’s right, it’s one insult too far, and that spokesman dweeb who debated Geller on CNN in the first video – who feigned offense at our offense, was profoundly unconvincing. Let’s just say, his taqiyya was weak.


El Marco has some pictures up, here.


Another crack CNN crowd counting job, here:

CNN iReporter Julio Ortiz-Teissonniere, who attended the rally and sent photos to CNN, said the number was closer to 200-300 while he was there for the first 45 minutes of the event. All three said the protest was peaceful.


More great coverage of the protest  Urban Infidel

Another blogger, Conservative Monster reports:

I am estimating that about 8,000-10,000 people showed up to this protest since there were so many people that were passing by and showed their support as well. I did not see any news trucks from CNN, MSNB Sleaze, NY1 or Fox News. The press prior to the protest most likely helped get the crowd out, so at least that is good news.

Maybe that’s where the 8,000 number came from?

Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, and Doug Ross, thanks!


12 thoughts on “Video: Pamela Geller v.s. Islamic Spokesman On CNN (Update- 911 Mega Mosque Protest Draws over 8,000 5,000!)

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  2. Pamela Geller certainly is on the wrong side of Islamic history, the only history of interest to this “veteran print and television journalist” who asserts that the mosque is a symbol of the support of Muslims for the U.S. In point of fact, if the entire world had become Muslim in the 7th century, he wouldn’t be a lawyer in the U.S. arguing freedom of religion (which does not exist under Islam). There wouldn’t be U.S. law schools because there wouldn’t be a U.S. There also wouldn’t be technologies such as television on which to warn Americans that Muslims can’t be stopped. Or, for that matter, jetliners to use as weapons against America.

    Yeah, I can see why he thinks Pamela is on the wrong side of history.

    Linked at Bread upon the Waters.


  3. “Pamela’s on the wrong side of history? She’s “fringe”? Really? Why do a majority of Americans object to the Ground Zero mosque? Are they all on the wrong side of history? ”

    Invoking “history” in this fashion as a rhetorical weapon is merely a way to elevate yourself over your opponent. It implies a clearer understanding of the shadowy forces that “drive history” than those who differ with you. In other words, it’s not an argument at all, but an assertion of intellectual superiority, and possibly moral superiority as well.

    Disgusting and contemptible.


  4. Perhaps someone should ask these people who support the mosque at our “sacred ground” if we can build Catholic churches and Jewish Temples in any country in the Middle East. Would it be allowed? Why are Christians being slaughtered in Muslim lands, why was a Catholic bishop recently murdered in Turkey, why is Turkey pushing out Greek Christians? Put them to the test – ask them about religious freedom in ANY muslim land – and also ask why Egypt is considering removing citizenship to any one married to a Jewish person. If they want religious freedom here, then they must demonstrate that religious freedom exists in Muslim lands…make them name one…


  5. I disagree with Pat C. on one point. NO MOSQUES IN THE AZ DESERT!! Death Valley is okay, tho.

    Is there a petition we can sign and get viral? Will anyone listen? I thought the building where they wanted to put this POS was a landmark and they may not be able to build …


  6. You know who is really to blame here is Borough President Scott Stringer. The man has no care for history in New York City. In the past month he was made two major mistakes.
    1. He has approved the possible of construction of a mosque near ground zero and:
    2. He has given approval to the destruction of the famous Hotel Pennsylvania.
    He has no care for what happened in New York before, only for what happens in the future.


  7. Actually, the government cannot decide which religions can build a religious building and which can’t. If the government says the area around the WTC can have a church built, then it can’t say a mosque can’t be built, no matter the reason. To do so is a violation of free exercise. It would be like saying, no Christian church can be built next to the site the Atlanta Olympics bombing, because the bomber, Eric Rudolph, did so because of his Christian beliefs. While his beliefs are definitely fringe, just because he was motivated by certain religious beliefs would not and should not stop the building of a church. The same with banning the building of a mosque because the actions of radical Muslims on 9/11.


  8. Yeah. A couple of things make your argument specious.

    1. Eric Rudolph was a lone whacko. There are countless numbers of Islamists who wish non believers ill. We see them in the news, often enough. We saw the Arab street celebrating on 9/11. Many terrorist sympathizers, no doubt will be going to that Mosque.

    2. The Christian church has a peaceful doctrine that discourages violence. The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers. The interpretations that lead Muslims to violent Jihad are not misreadings of the text.

    Incidentally, no one’s telling the mosque’s planners they can’t build it, they’re asking them not to.


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