Newsflash: The Stimulus Failed

What we were saying Feb, 2009

This clip of Obama speaking at the Dem retreat/lovefest Feb 5th, 2009 during the height of the stimulus debate (with Rachel Maddow offering enthusiastic commentary: “YES!”) is an oldie, but goodie baddie.  I shook my head in disgust, and disbelief at the time, and well… I have the same visceral reaction, now:

Hey, do unemployment checks count as “paychecks” on that Stimulometer thingie?

From a Keynesian point of view, a stimulus is money invested wisely, designed to get a country out of a recession, not a “steaming pile of garbage” plunging us further into debt with no plan to get out.

The stimulus Dem boondoggle, as designed by Nancy and Co. was a failure, as Keynesian economist, Jeffrey Sachs, now admits:

You can watch a longer clip of that Morning Joe segment at Hot Air.

See Heritage for more on why Porkulus petered out.

See also Gateway Pundit: THE TRUTH: Bush Tax Cuts Created More Jobs Than the Obama-Pelosi Spend Your Way to Hell Plan


New Gallup poll: Federal Debt, Terrorism Considered Top Threats to U.S.

What a difference a year and a half makes. Exit polls on election night, November 4, 2008 showed the economy at the top, and terrorism at the bottom. The national debt didn’t even rate:

Fully 62 percent of voters said the economy was the most important issue, six times more than cited the war in Iraq (10 percent), health care (9 percent) or terrorism (9 percent).

Never letting a crisis go to waste, the Dem Socialists used the country’s  concern over the economy as their opening to inflict even more damage.


Doug Ross:  “This Administration Is Being Run Like A Junior Achievement Project

Weasel Zippers: CBO: Annual Deficit Will Exceed $1 Trillion This Month. . .With 3-Plus Months to Go in Fiscal Year…

See also:

Study shows liberals don’t understand the economy:

Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

Explains a lot…


Eric Cantor on Fox: US Needs To Stand By Israel

Partial transcript via Jennifer Rubin:

What I believe the President should be doing is standing by our ally Israel.  Everyone understands now the international community has gone in an uproar over this and the point that’s been missed is the fact that Israel’s enemies really are aiming to destroy Israel.  Those voices start in Iran, Syria and what’s seems to be now Turkey is throwing in with those voices.  We have consistently relied upon Israel in this country as part of our national security strategy and the President in trying to figure this out, ought to allow Israel to do what it must to defend itself.

It’s clear that Republicans (with the notable exception of Ron Paul, of course) are coming out strong in support  for Israel. Will Dems follow suit? Or are they waiting for a poll to  come out before they decide what position to take?


Rep Peter King To Introduce Resolution Declaring Israel’s Right To Defend Itself

Jennifer Rubin spoke with Peter King on Sunday, and asked if he was surprised that the Obama team went along with the UN resolution on the flotilla, rather than vetoing it like past administrations would have:

“No.” He continued, “This is basically what we have seen from day one – [the administration] putting distance between itself and Israel.” He believes there is a conscious effort by Obama to deny Israel the “privileged status” it has enjoyed as a close, democratic ally of the United States. This is part and parcel, he explains, of the “apology tour, how Netanyahu was treated, and [asserting] the moral equivalency between housing construction in Jerusalem and Iran constructing a nuclear weapon.”

What does King intend to do when Congress returns tomorrow? He announces that he will send a “Dear Colleague” letter out on Monday, calling on all House members to join in a resolution that will be introduced in the next few days. The resolution will include “many paragraphs on Israel’s right to defend itself,” take issue with the critics of Israel, call for the U.S. to withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council, and demand that the administration oppose any UN investigation of Israel.

This is great because it will show Jewish voters just where their Congressmen stand.

As you can imagine, Jewish fundraising is way down, so Dems will have to play their cards carefully.

An interesting theory: “Good cop” Joe Biden, who was sounding very pro-Israel, last week, may be being used by the administration as cover.