Rep Peter King To Introduce Resolution Declaring Israel’s Right To Defend Itself

Jennifer Rubin spoke with Peter King on Sunday, and asked if he was surprised that the Obama team went along with the UN resolution on the flotilla, rather than vetoing it like past administrations would have:

“No.” He continued, “This is basically what we have seen from day one – [the administration] putting distance between itself and Israel.” He believes there is a conscious effort by Obama to deny Israel the “privileged status” it has enjoyed as a close, democratic ally of the United States. This is part and parcel, he explains, of the “apology tour, how Netanyahu was treated, and [asserting] the moral equivalency between housing construction in Jerusalem and Iran constructing a nuclear weapon.”

What does King intend to do when Congress returns tomorrow? He announces that he will send a “Dear Colleague” letter out on Monday, calling on all House members to join in a resolution that will be introduced in the next few days. The resolution will include “many paragraphs on Israel’s right to defend itself,” take issue with the critics of Israel, call for the U.S. to withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council, and demand that the administration oppose any UN investigation of Israel.

This is great because it will show Jewish voters just where their Congressmen stand.

As you can imagine, Jewish fundraising is way down, so Dems will have to play their cards carefully.

An interesting theory: “Good cop” Joe Biden, who was sounding very pro-Israel, last week, may be being used by the administration as cover.


24 thoughts on “Rep Peter King To Introduce Resolution Declaring Israel’s Right To Defend Itself

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  6. A resolution needs to be passed to prevent Congressmen from exploiting their position to present their own special interests. You do NOT represent the majority of American citizens. I am going to canvass for a referendum on American support for Israel… foreign policy should not commence at state levels… nor should politicians present themselves as representing the majority of people here. why do I feel like I am living in a neo-fascist state? YOU do NOT represent ME — or many other Americans!


  7. To Peter King, who views himself as a representative of the United States…. this issue requires a referendum! We cannot go back to military alliances a la 19th century Europe…. Congressional representatives need to focus on the US… or perhaps they should apply to become ambassadors


  8. He is a Rep in the US Congress for the state of New York. There’s nothing Fascist about him introducing a resolution defending Israel in the House.


  9. He is NOT an elected representative for the USA within the International Community. It is indeed a fascist remark to suggest that the US pull out of the UN Human Rights Council because it will be investigating Israel! Are you kidding? I am ONE citizen who Peter King does NOT represent! The USA should remain a potent and neutral force within the international community – regardless of another country’s activities! How utterly absurd!


  10. Are you kidding? You throw around the word Fascism pretty freely.

    The UN Human Rights Council which includes human-rights experts Saudi Arabia, China, Cuba, and recently Syria, is a sick joke, and the United States should have nothing to do with it.


  11. There is still freedom of speech in this country… we live in a polysemic world. All countries have a right to engage within a global dialogue. For those of us who respect others and differences, one cannot seek to ideologically imperialize the world. This is a very dangerous perspective and it should NOT be endorsed… do you fear a national referendum Of the people and BY the people… of the US? Let the people decide – to remain in the UN or not, to nationally support Israel or not… the USA did not unilaterally create a document aligning itself with Bosnia or Darfur… many countries believe that they enjoy a ‘special’ relationship with the US. Perhaps what we really need to do is to join International Court in the Hague.


  12. He does… we all have rights. However, no one has the right to present himself as if he represents an entire population. I would need a study of the data that demonstrates that the majority of Americans support Israel’s position in the Middle East at the moment. I support every soverign state. I do not, however, blindly condone policy and protocols that appear unjust. I also do not support relativism… one can always rationalize any idea if they reduce it to an ‘all of us’….


  13. I support every soverign state.

    Really? Then you must have LOVED the smart power we showed with regard to Honduras. And the actions of the Chinese must give you a thrill! Harvesting organs from prisoners! Slave labor in factories! Censoring information from foreign sources so the citizens don’t start getting the idea that governments serve their citizens and not the other way around. What a childish and naive worldview.


  14. For those of us who respect others and differences, one cannot seek to ideologically imperialize the world.

    Not being a party to nasty, hyper-ideological and corrupt systems is not “imperializing”the world.


  15. I don’t think a national referendum would have the results Roberta expects. Then she’d get really shrill.


  16. Nice Deb
    Yes — you are SO intelligent and well-informed… your deification of hatred, omnipotence, and authoritarianism are, at best, indicative of an individual who is nothing less than an ideologue and a wanna-be politician. In your pursuit of hating everyone who disagrees with you – and your ideas – may you and yours be on the front lines of the wars you create…. Good luck in your quest to enlighten the world with your nihilism… the world has seen it all before!


  17. Roberta…those words you keep using – deification, Fascism, authoritarianism, ideologue, nihilism…I don’t think they mean what you think they mean.

    When you have to resort to ad hominems, you’ve pretty much lost the argument, haven’t you?

    I’m surprised you didn’t call me a racist while you were at it.


  18. Some of those regimes on the Human Right’s Council that you respect so much….those would be good examples of
    totalitarianism. Go look up the word, hon, if you need to.

    By the way, I wasn’t disposed to disliking you until your final rant, which was a pretty darn good example of “hating someone who disagrees with you”


  19. I’m surprised you didn’t call me a racist while you were at it.

    Her college professor didn’t include it in the anti-Israel rant he spewed in class last week.

    Roberta…those words you keep using – deification, Fascism, authoritarianism, ideologue…I don’t think they mean what you think they mean.

    Now Deb, Roberta is smart. She doesn’t have to actually undertstand the words she is using. It is enough that she heard them in her Deconstruction of Hyper-Religious Patriarical Societies class. She can type them. That is obviously enough to make them valid condemnations of your post. Don’t question your betters. Supporting your contentions is sooooo last week.


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