Introducing: Barack Obama’s Oil Spill’s Blog

Move over Barack Obama’s Teleprompter’s Blog…there’s a new kid in town!

Today’s post: The only ass getting kicked is BO’s:

Who am I to say what’s what? Hey, I’m just an oil spill. My job is to spew. And I do a pretty damned good job of it if, after 49 days of gushing, BO’s response to me is being rated worse than that Bush guy’s response to Katrina.

I don’t know. I wasn’t around then. But I can tell you that it’s June. Guess what starts in June? Ever had the worst environmental disaster on your hands, with no end in sight, during Hurricane Season, and a recession?

Yeah, baby! That’s opportunity there!

Chris Matthews’ Leg was too busy swooning over Obama’s last press conference, to comment.



32 thoughts on “Introducing: Barack Obama’s Oil Spill’s Blog

  1. Obama is doing all he can do. What is wrong with you people. I think he should stuff Cheney, Palin, Limbaugh and Beck in that pipe. All the drill baby drill morons.


  2. Thanks, Mdefl.

    Yeah, GG, let’s stop drilling offshore where there are so many risks, and bring it onshore where it belongs, DRILL BABY DRILL!


  3. Obama is definitely doing everything that he can… Most people are just too immature and need someone to blame for the mess.


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  5. My problem is that comparing a natural disaster with one that could have been avoided seems like apples to oranges. I mean, Bush did get right to work after Katrina (3 days to be exact), but at the same time, it wasn’t the best reaction. Between FEMA’s miserable failures and the fact that much of New Orleans is still in shambles, I would say Bush’s Katrina continues. Now, Obama is doing quite a bit, it is just a shame it took him so long to get to it, but in the end what can he do? His best plan would be to keep on BP’s back and punish them for something that is their fault. The only thing we can blame Obama for here is his slow reaction. There is nothing more to blame him for as I see it.


  6. Nick, Obama’s only “getting to it” because of the outcry and the criticism growing from the Left. James Cavelle is hitting him furiously as are many other liberal pundits. Obama still won’t approve Gov. Jindal’s sand berms, and he was extremely slow to approve the current BP method employed to assist in containing the spill.

    If Obama had his way about it, he’d be golfing every day and let Rahm and Pelosi run the country. The oil spill is a distraction. Tea parties are a distraction. Helen Thomas is a distraction. Israel is a distraction. Joe Sestak is a distraction. Gallup polls are a distraction.


    Obama is Commander in Chief, in charge of all military branches (including the Coast Guard). What happened 50-plus miles from shore is HIS responsibility – check your history and Constitution. What can he DO? A heck of a lot more than he did… and right now, he’s trying to be “the top dog” wanting to grab all the glory and state in press conferences that nothing can be done without HIS approval, but he wants none of the blame. He wants to dump on BP while relying on BP. I’m not saying they are innocent, but neither is Obama.

    And BTW – Hurricane Katrina was not a sudden act of God that came out of nowhere unexpectedly. There was plenty of warnings issued prior to Katrina hitting LA for people to evacuate, buses were sent and not used (the mayor of New Orleans dropped the ball big time on myriad things), but somehow, it’s still Bush’s fault that little to nothing has been done to fix New Orleans. A number who stayed behind in New Orleans CHOSE to do so.

    Bush is less to blame for the devastation of Katrina than Obama is for the oil spill – per federal law and POTUS job responsibilities.


  7. Addendum: I’m sick to death of Obama finger-pointing and reminding us over and over and over that BP is to blame. Every time he opens his mouth, he wants to “kick a$$” at BP or remind us AGAIN that they will pay dearly for this – “every dime” will be paid, yada yada. Yet, as President, he IS in charge of this, which includes the blame – sorry, that’s the way it is. And if Obama can easily continue to blame GW Bush for the votes of a Democrat Congress and other things that happened years ago, then Obama needs to take his thumb out of his mouth and act like a MAN.

    I’ve never heard BP say they wouldn’t take the financial hit, never once read that they were shirking their responsibility. Rather than acting like a snot-nosed tattle-tale, telling Americans who is to blame, a real leader would just get the job done. Would not waste his energy being a child – would embrace all ideas and implement them (such as Jindal’s sand berms, which would have likely saved 12 miles of fragile wetlands by now). A real leader would not be vacationing twice in a month’s time or golfing or dancing or whatever else Obama does when he isn’t reading his teleprompter in front of a TV camera.


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  12. I haven’t heard The Fresh Pre of Bill Ayers…or any other federal official “who was on the job from DAY ONE!” explain what the federal contingency plan was for this event…the plan required by the 1990 Oil Pollution Act, which ironically requires the polluter to pay the costs of clean up and for the damages they cause.

    Funny that. Knowing about it reduces Lord Zero’s interview with Matt Lauer to so much bluster, and makes it that much more disgusting.


  13. It’s amazing to me how people think sometimes. I keep hearing that this oil spill is Obama’s fault. Some says because he the president he has to take blame. First off, that’s just idiotic. No one human or group of 1000 humans can possible know whets going on Everywhere, with everybody, every second of the day. Secondly we are now demanding our President act in Socialism like manner which most people claim they don’t want. It BP’s problem. BP is responsible for this spill. It’s an Oil Rig that is NOT owned by the US government. Let hold them fully accountability. Instead of hating on Obama, stop going to your local BP gas station to fill up. I’m appalled that this spill has been politicized to drum up anger against our President. We should be angry that taxpayer money is being used to assist BP in cleaning up a mess it started. The fact that we have to pay for this spill every time we fill up should be politicized. BP’s actions has cause death and destruction on scale so large that we will feel it decades. Wake up people. This is not about the right or left. This is not about black or white. This is about the Big Corporation’s taking dump on us little guys and then we pay to clean it up. BREAK THE CYCLE!


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  15. Well we would not be going through this crisis if Bush got the acoustic switch system. The acoustic switch system is a switch that blows out the bottom of the catism in other words it stops the oil exactly from the source. Bush told the companies like BP that we have a new policy its the ” Close Door Dick Chenney Policy. That Dick Chenney program allow the industry to bypass safe systems. He felt there was no need to spend 500,000 dollars on the switch.


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  17. Well we would not be going through this crisis if Bush got the acoustic switch system.

    That’s untrue – it’s not clear that the acoustic switch system would have worked. And I don’t remember it being Bush who was “getting” the acoustic switch system. Oil companies said they were expensive, unreliable, and prone to false shutdowns.

    Bush told the companies like BP that we have a new policy, blah, blah, blah

    Again, untrue, the MMS report said that the switches’ performance had not been proven in mud or gas plumes, so they didn’t require them.


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  21. Obama is not a good manager. He talks, but does not do. He can not fix the oil leak himself, but he should manage the people who can… but he does not know how to do anything but talk. I made the mistake of voting for him. Now I see he just wants to tax money and hurt business. He does not realize without business we have nothing. I have a job, but I didn’t get it from poor people or community organizers, or unions… all the people Obama likes. Obama, Pelosi, Reid and their friends are wrecking America.


  22. Why is America so worried about this spill?? You guys don’t seem to care when the oil is burnt and goes into the atmosphere. Don’t forget that the U.S. is the largest polluter and pays lip service to global warming. Maybe some good might come out of this spill and you might learn that your oil consumption is harming the world not just your beaches!!


  23. Maybe some good might come out of this spill and you might learn that your oil consumption is harming the world…

    Doubt that. Most of us don’t think AGW is a major problem. Many of us think of “green policies” as a cute euphemism for socialism, and we’re not interested.

    Oil spilling in our waters and landing on our beaches, (when it’s not necessary – there are safer places to drill) we consider a major problem.


  24. If collection points established around the Guif paid $75 cash on delivery for each gallon of recovered oil it would be cleaned up quickly. For $75 a gallon folks would be taking Obama’s advice and using a straw to suck it up.


  25. At $75 a gallon the beaches would be quickly cleaned. It would be like gold washing up on shore. Work the numbers, at $20 billion, a million gallons a day, you have 200 days worth, with an extra $25 gallon for administration.


  26. A possible scenario, BP finds huge fields, keeps it secret, spills the oil, shares nose dive, scammers buy at bottom, BP reports loss saves taxes, within months, Huge New fields are announced shares rocket scammers sell at top, billions are made, millions are duped and environment is damaged beyond repair.


  27. There was a non toxic Alternative to clean up the spill that has been successfully tested by BP after 10 months of spill damages. The Coast Guard sent a letter from headquarters stating to the FOSC to take action with OSE II, and the EPA, Lisa Jackson stopped the Coast Guard from allowing BP from implementing OSE II. In fact the EPA stopped the application of OSE II 11 times denying State Senators direct request for use of OSE II from Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. La Department of environmental requested the use of OSE II as well, EPA’s Sam Coleman denied their request without reason. Governor Jindal tried to get OSE II demonstrated on the Chandelier Islands on May 6, 2010, and the EPA stopped the Governor as well. The EPA in fact stopped the use of OSE II 11 times, without a reason given. Had the EPA allowed Governor Jindal to allow the demonstration of OSE II on May 6, 2010, it is possible a significant portion of the environmental damages, including the shorelines and the seafood industry would have been spared. The toxicty test comparison between OSE II and corexit really cannot be compared since with corexit, the label states it can cause red blood cells to burst, kidney, and liver problems if a chemical suit and respirator are not worn. OSE II in contrast can be used to wash your hands and is non toxic. The BP Deep Horizon spill has proven that corexit only sinks oil and causes the same oil to be addressed a second time when it comes ashore as under water plumes, or tar balls, while OSE II has a substantiated end point of converting oil to CO2 and water. See Coast Guard letter below

    U. S. Department
    of Homeland Security
    United States
    Coast Guard

    Commanding Officer 1 Chelsea Street
    U. S. Coast Guard New London, CT 06320
    Research and Development Center Staff Symbol: Contracting Office
    Phone: (860) 271-2807

    July 10, 2010

    OSEI Corporation
    P.O. Box 515429
    Dallas, TX 75251

    Attn: Steven Pedigo, President/Owner


    We are pleased to inform you that the initial screening of your White Paper submitted under Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) HSCG32-10-R-R00019 has been completed. It has been determined that your White Paper submission has a potential for benefit to the spill response effort.

    Your White Paper has been forwarded to the Deepwater Horizon Response Federal On-Scene Coordinator (FOSC) for further action under its authority. Subject to the constraints and needs of the ongoing oil spill response, you may be contacted by the FOSC or the responsible party.

    We appreciate your interest in supporting the Deepwater Horizon Response effort.

    Contracting Officer /s/
    USCG R&D Center


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