Carly Fiorina Open Mike Snafu Very Low On the Gaffe Meter

Since Allahpundit asked…you can watch the video at Hot Air.

I don’t know what the big deal is. She was just dishing. I have no idea why she thinks Sean Hannity is a tough interview, but her crack at the end about Barbara Boxer’s hair was exquisitely catty. I like her a little bit more for it.

Still wish Chuck Devore won, but we can’t have everything. California’s a deep  blue state, but in a year trending Republican, Carly should have a fighting chance.


Fiorina talked about the open mike incident with Greta Van Susteran on her show, last night. Sounds like she smoothed things over with Sean – no apologies to Boxer. Video at Gateway Pundit.


Captain Kick-Ass Photoshops

I hope Obama was expecting some blowback after using his focus group approved expression of manly, presidential rage. Because he’s getting it.

In spades.

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Let me know of any others you’ve seen out there. I’ll link to ’em.


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