Eager To Shirk Responsibility, Obama Latches On To “IF” Arguments

“And IF I had done something to prevent it, some people might have said bad things about me, so the whole mess is really the Republicans’ and Tea Partiers’ fault!”

It sure is tough to be a leader when you obviously have no clue how to lead, at least that seems to be the case for the current occupant of the Oval Office.  Despite claiming that the federal government was on the Deepwater Horizon leak “FROM DAY ONE” [repeat ad nauseum, interspersed with carefully practiced looks of concern, morphing over a progression of days to looks of increasing irritation and peevishness as the crisis magnified by little in the way of federal cleanup efforts became harder and harder to pin on the recklessness and greed of BIG OIL alone], there is little doubt that the plans that the feds were required to have pursuant to the National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan (NCP) were not being acted upon, unless the plan was to have a lot of federal officials looking over the polluter’s shoulders, wringing their hands, and holding pressers where they appear before the cameras and indignantly claim that they were on the scene FROM DAY ONE! whenever any one got close to asking why the stain in the Gulf was growing,  but no one was gathering the oil up.

And now, squirming in the hot seat, and fresh off an exceedingly silly statement about trying to determine who’s ass to kick, the President has happened on a brilliant deflection strategy:  It is the Republican’s fault!  And those damn tea partiers are hypocrites, too!

From the Politico:

“I think it’s fair to say, if six months ago, before this spill had happened, I had gone up to Congress and I had said we need to crack down a lot harder on oil companies and we need to spend more money on technology to respond in case of a catastrophic spill, there are folks up there, who will not be named, who would have said this is classic, big-government overregulation and wasteful spending.”

I know, he didn’t actually name the Republicans, but it doesn’t really matter, as the Democrats only denounce defense spending as classic, big-government overregulation and wasteful spending.  I have to admit, it is a unique strategy.  “If I had done something to prevent this (putting aside the nasty fact that government doesn’t know how to fix it, so my faith in their prevention of it in an ongoing operation is next to nothing), then those nasty old Republicans would have shut me down.”  This is why having a President who is a parent to young children is so entertaining.  Those of us with children of our own recognize the excuse, and wonder about the role reversal.  Maybe he needs a few more minutes of daily nappy time.  Perhaps Rahmbo should get on that.

The childishness of this thinking is exceeded only by ludicrousness of the concept that a GOP that lacked the numbers to prevent Spendulous and ObamaReidPelosiCare could somehow do more than scold the President IF he had done something to prevent the growing ecological mess.  This argument simply underscores both the President’s inability to lead on the things that are rather than the things he wants to be, and the contempt he has for the average American when he says such things and expects to be taken seriously.

He wasn’t done with this contempt, however.  The small man in the really big chair had another bit of Chicago Leadership to share in the interview:

“Some of the same folks who have been hollering and saying ‘do something’ are the same folks who, just two or three months ago, were suggesting that government needs to stop doing so much,” Obama said. “Some of the same people who are saying the president needs to show leadership and solve this problem are some of the same folks who, just a few months ago, were saying this guy is trying to engineer a takeover of our society through the federal government that is going to restrict our freedoms.”
Again, this of course sells short the ability of the public to understand that the leases are on federal land, and that there is already a body of federal law regarding clean up of these type of these accidents.  Regulation of drilling is different from claiming GM and Chrysler are too big to fail, buying them without money while screwing secured creditors, and then giving them to the unions, or deciding that a group of people in Washington D.C. are better able to determine and administer the health care needs of Farmer Jones and his family in the apple groves of eastern Washington State.
I have been a parent for ten years now, and while my kids didn’t ask for the job of being my children, I wouldn’t accept an “It isn’t my fault because if I had done something to prevent it, you might have said unkind things about me.”  What in the name of great honkin’ Chuthuilu makes the President, a man who eagerly sought the responsibility to lead, think I would accept it from him?
Grow up, Mr. President.  SanFranNan’s declaration to the contrary, we’re in the second year of your enlightened adminstration.  Blaming other people for federal inaction while you are at fundraisers and on the links isn’t going to wash anymore.  You own this.  You asked for the responsibility; the criticism is the flip side of that shiny, shiny coin.
This is why after a year of this:
Fewer and fewer of us have any respect, let alone trust, for him.

Please Fight to Save Mosab Yousef

You may remember Yousef from some favorable publicity he got from various news outlets a couple of years ago:

Son of Hamas Leader Turns Back on Islam and Embraces Christianity

Mosab Hassan Yousef is an extraordinary young man with an extraordinary story. He was born the son of one of the most influential leaders of the militant Hamas organization in the West Bank and grew up in a strict Islamic family.

Now, at 30 years old, he attends an evangelical Christian church, Barabbas Road in San Diego, Calif. He renounced his Muslim faith, left his family behind in Ramallah and is seeking asylum in the United States.

The story of how his life unfolded is truly amazing, whether you agree or disagree with his views. Below is a transcript on an exclusive FOX News interview with Hassan as he tells firsthand how a West Bank Muslim became a West Coast Christian.

Click here to view video of Mosab Hassan Yousef speaking out.

I remember being somewhat moved by his story.

Now, this heroic young man has been scheduled  by the Obama administration for deportation back to the West Bank, a sure death sentence.

I’m joining Carol from No Sheeples Here and Little Miss Attila in a mini blogburst to bring attention to his desperate cause:

For years, this man risked everything to stop terrorism and save innocent lives, but the United States Department of Homeland Security is considering deporting him.

In 2007, Mr. Yousef came to the United States, where he converted to Christianity from Islam and applied for political asylum. The request was denied in February 2009, Mr. Yousef says, on grounds that he was potentially “a danger to the security of the United States” and had “engaged in terrorist activity.” His case has automatically proceeded to the deportation stage, and on June 30, 2010 at 8 a.m. he will appear before Judge Rico Bartolomei in Homeland Security Immigration Court in San Diego.

Mr. Yousef is a native of the West Bank, which is where he would presumably return if he is deported and where Hamas would immediately seek to kill him. Under the Convention Against Torture, the U.S. has an international treaty obligation not to return people to countries where their lives would be at risk. That concern stopped the return to China of the Uighers at Guantanamo, and rightly so. It would dishonor the U.S. to deport a convert in the war on terror because our immigration bureaucracy is too obtuse to make even life and death distinctions.

His case is not that complicated, as the WSJ noted in its oped, today:

Homeland Security is well aware of the author’s history, and in fact is using it against him. According to Mr. Yousef, a letter from Homeland Security attorney Kerri Calcador cites passages in “Son of Hamas” as evidence of his connection to terrorist leaders and suggests that the work he did for Hamas while spying for Israel provided aid to terrorists. “At a bare minimum, evidence of the respondent’s transport of Hamas members to safe houses . . . indicates that the respondent provided material support to a [Tier I] terrorist organization,” the U.S. lawyer wrote.

But unless Ms. Calcador knows more than she’s saying, this is bizarre. As a spy for Israel, Mr. Yousef had to make his colleagues believe he was a loyal member of Hamas. He used that trust to gain information that he provided to Israeli intelligence, which used it to prevent terror attacks and save lives. One of Mr. Yousef’s handlers at Shin Bet confirmed his book’s account to the Israeli daily Haaretz, and his father, Sheikh Hassan Yousef, has disowned him from the Israeli prison he has occupied since 2005. (See our Weekend Interview with the younger Yousef, “They Need to Be Liberated From Their God,” March 6, 2010.)

Surely, as soon as the Dept of Homeland Security discovers all the pertinent facts of this case, they will turn their decision around? If they don’t they will have blood of this innocent man on their hands.

See Help Keep Mosab Yousef in the United States for more information.

Joining the Burst:

Darlene Click, Protein Wisdom

Darlene goes there:

I would like to think this is just usual government stupidity. The alternative — the Obama Admin using Mosab’s body as a gesture to Hamas — is to contemplate the Obama Administration’s slipping from incompetence into malice.

I’ve been trying to give them the benefit of the doubt…but yeah, the idea that this is the result of anti-Israel malice on the part of the Obama administration, had occurred to me, too.

Pundit and Pundette: Who is Mosab Yousef?

Israel Matsav: US to deport Mosab Hassan Yousef?

Atlas Shrugs: Deporting ‘Son of Hamas’: A Death Sentence


The Lonely Conservative: Mosab Yousef Faces Death Sentence if US Deports Him

Maggie’s Notebook: Mosab Yousef Conversion from Islam to Christianity Video


Charles Krauthammer On Obama’s Failed Iran Strategy

Captain Kick-its strategy with the belligerent state of Iran has been to assume the posture of what Osama Bin Laden once famously called, “a weak horse.” Obviously, it has been ineffective, and has only increased the Islamic world’s contempt for the United States.

Charles Krauthammer’s column in the Washington Post is worth reading in full:

From the beginning, the Obama strategy toward Iran and other rogue states had been to offer goodwill and concessions on the premise that this would lead to one of two outcomes: (a) the other side changes policy, or (b) if not, the world isolates the offending state and rallies around us — now that we have demonstrated last-mile good intentions.

Hence, nearly a year and a half of peace overtures, negotiation, concessions, two New Year’s messages to the Iranian people, a bit of groveling about U.S. involvement in the 1953 coup and a disgraceful silence when the regime’s very stability was threatened by peaceful demonstrators.

Iran’s response? Defiance, contempt and an acceleration of its nuclear program.

And the world’s response? Did it rally behind us? The Russians and Chinese bargained furiously and successfully to hollow out the sanctions resolution. Turkey is openly choosing sides with the region’s “strong horse” — Iran and its clients (Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas) — as it watches the United States flailingly try to placate Syria and appease Iran while it pressures Israel, neglects Lebanon and draws down its power in the region.

To say nothing of Brazil. Et tu, Lula?

Read it all.

Hat tip: Cold Fury


The Flailing President

At the very beginning of the Obama Regime, Rush Limbaugh made a statement that earned him heaps of derision from leftists, moderates, and even a few conservatives:  “I hope the President fails.” Well, the President didn’t fail – he’s been remarkably successful at doing the sort of damage we conservatives feared most – right out of the gate, he passed his (now, undeniably wasteful and ruinous) stimulus bill,  took over banks, the automobile industry, and finally in March of this year, the health care industry. All of those battles were hard-fought, ugly, corrupt processes, which in the end, couldn’t be hidden from the public.

So now, much of the public is on to the lies, bullying, corruption and far left agenda of his administration, and thanks to the BP oil spill, they’ve noticed that he’s an incompetent manager in a crisis, to boot.  They’ve also, no doubt noticed a disturbing shift away from our friendly relationships with traditional allies like Israel and Great Britain…towards more despotic regimes. As a result of all this,  the President is in freefall in the polls, and while he may not be failing, exactly, he is flailing…and flailing badly.

Here are some latest poll numbers from the Economist, a  poll of all adults, not registered or likely voters, which as Jennifer Rubin points out, “normally would tilt more to the Left. In other words, among likely voters Obama would probably be doing even worse”:

The results show a president struggling. On the oil spill, 28% approve and 42% disapprove of his performance. On taxes, government spending, immigration, gun control, national defense, and terrorism the respondents say they are closer to the Republican Party than the Democratic Party. On gun control and national defense there is a double-digit gap. Democrats do better on regulating business (but within the margin of error), the environment, abortion (also within the margin of error), gay marriage, health care (by four points) and energy policy. In an enormous turnaround since Obama took office, the parties tie on the economy.

38 percent support the goals of the Tea Party movement; 27 percent do not. In a slew of areas (the Middle East, Afghanistan, energy policy, the environment, the economy, job security, health-care coverage, education, entitlement programs, the financial system, and Wall Street) the public thinks we are worse off than two years ago. There is no area in which the public thinks things have improved. They disapprove of Obama’s performance on Iraq, the economy (39 percent strongly so), immigration (41 percent strongly so), the environment, terrorism, gay rights, social security, the deficit ( 57 percent strongly or somewhat), Afghanistan, and taxes. On education they approve, but within the margin of error. Overall 44 percent approve of his performance and 49 percent do not.

What does a malignant narcissist do when subject to public disapproval and criticism? Does any amount of self reflection take place? No. He doubles down on the same tactics that earned him the public’s scorn in the first place. Hence, more blaming, self-pity, and bullying of opponents:

Obama on BP: I want to know “whose ass to kick” 6/7/2010

Obama on the spill: “I can’t suck it up with a straw 6/11/2010

and the latest:

Obama to Tea Partiers: See! The Gulf Disaster is What Smaller Government Will Get You 6/12/2010

The president also implied that anti-big government types such as tea party activists were being hypocritical on the issue.

“Some of the same folks who have been hollering and saying ‘do something’ are the same folks who, just two or three months ago, were suggesting that government needs to stop doing so much,” Obama said. “Some of the same people who are saying the president needs to show leadership and solve this problem are some of the same folks who, just a few months ago, were saying this guy is trying to engineer a takeover of our society through the federal government that is going to restrict our freedoms.”

Doug Powers asks, incredulously:

Is the president saying that he didn’t react quickly because he was trying to placate Tea Party activists, thus blaming them for the slow response? Obama almost makes it sound like he let the Gulf die to make a point against those who are for smaller, more responsible government, doesn’t he?

Besides, the whole argument is bogus, desperate, and perhaps eventually counterproductive for Obama.

Yes, I think the public is on to the desperation, as well.

Tom Maguire notes:

Let’s see – BP is drilling on Federally leased site in a Gulf which borders five states and several other countries.  I see an Federal role there that is a bit different from the Feds bailing out the guy down the street who over-extended himself when he bought a house, or taking over health care, but maybe that is just me.

No, it’s not just you. It’s not just conservatives, either… He’s losing the left on this issue, as well, and respect, overseas:

Neither the executive branch of the U.S. government nor BP PLC can be proud of the way they have handled the environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Barack Obama’s escalating tough talk against BP, in particular, is a weak political manoeuvre that only magnifies his administration’s inaction on the big questions that have arisen from the oil spill.

Things are going badly – oil is still gushing and washing ashore, birds are dying and an entire fishery and way of life is at risk – so the public is looking for someone to blame. In a television interview, Mr. Obama said he wanted to know “whose ass to kick” – better it be someone else’s than his own – and directed his foot at BP CEO Tony Hayward, saying he “wouldn’t be working for me.”

Mr. Obama’s rhetoric is unbecoming and ineffective. His apparent anger is rising in direct proportion to demands that he must appear angry. That Mr. Obama has yet to even pick up the phone to speak to Mr. Hayward shows the extent to which the comments are damage control, albeit not of an environmental kind.

Where the President has actually failed is in his ability to fool people….and that’s why he’s now flailing. The old techniques no longer work.

How this will all end, I don’t know. I just want it to end.


Alvin Green Debuts On Twitter

Twitterers Dana Loesch, Tabatha Hale and Lori Ziganto are pretty sure that this is the Alvin Green, Dem Candidate extraordinaire from SC.

He started off well, actually…this is how you’re supposed to use social media:


Good luck to senator demint as we talk to rhe people of south Carolina. I pledge to avoid the usual politics I hope that he will do the same


Uh oh, now what? Partisan attacks…already???

We have 11% unemployment in sc. I am one of them. Alvin Greene understands. I fight for you. Jim demint fights for bp

Oh, and this is unfortunate.

@JimDeMint fights for mexican border fence. i see the ocean and north carolina and georgia. his priorities are not on south carolina

Alvin, Sh! The border fence is very popular…

I have always been a democrat but I believe I can bring together all of the people democrat and republican and independent.


Uh oh…wha…

Theres a time when every homey got to risk his neck and FIGHT for the thing that he BELIEVE in and he got to preach it right.


I think the DNC may be helping him with this narrative:

Sen DeMint ok with risking disaster off of south carolina coast. I will fight for our coast, for people of sc. DeMint fights for big oil.

Sen DeMint fights for big oil http://bit.ly/a18V9z

He was perhaps a bit off the reservation with this:

My comments on unified Korea have been taking out of context I support diplomatic ties as this is what helped Germany which supplies SC jobs

His “unofficial website”, linked to from his Twitter page, is right here.