Thursday Oil Spill Blog Links

Ramirez cartoon via Lucianne

CFP: Our Lazy President:

I’m starting to get the feeling that President Obama is no workaholic.

His much trumpeted “War on Petroleum” speech in the Oval Office last week fell flat to most listeners, regardless of political affiliation, because our “genius”, Harvard educated President made it clear to the entire world that he knew less about the Gulf spill than the average 10th grader.

What has this man been doing with his time for the past two months?

You’d think by now Obama would at least have something intelligent to say about containment booms, or sand berms, or the Jones Act, or flow rates, or the coming hurricane season and its possible effects on the cleanup effort.

Sen. George Lemieux had this to say about a recent talk with Obama: “He doesn’t seem to know the situation about foreign skimmers (or) domestic skimmers.”

No kidding.

Gateway Pundit: It Begins… Plans to Evacuate Tampa Bay Are Put Into Place …Update: Pensacola Beach Closed

Gateway Pundit: Last Week: Gov. Charlie Crist Praises Obama’s Handling of Gulf Oil Spill… This Week: Oil Closes Pensacola Beach & Threatens Tampa Bay

Christian Science Monitor: In Gulf oil spill ‘war,’ cleanup foot soldiers threaten mutiny

Sing along with BO’s Oil Spill’s Blog:

(We All Live With) Obama’s Oil Spill

In the Gulf where it was born,
Lived an oil spill that fouled the sea,
And they tried to end its life,
But they were useless, BP,

So He golfed and took vacation,
Then He ate to get his fill,
And the crisis spun out of control,
And now we call it His oil spill,

We all live with Obama’s oil spill,
Obama’s oil spill, Obama’s oil spill,
We all live with Obama’s oil spill,
Obama’s oil spill, Obama’s oil spill.

Finish singing at the link.


The Most Important Gulf Update on the Oil Spill that You Will See

Zero Does Nero

Judge Faces Death Threats After BP Gulf Oil Drilling Moratorium Ruling

Doug Ross: Judge Martin Feldman slapped down the federal government’s second request to resume an offshore drilling ban on 33 deep-water rigs in the Gulf.

“Get that weak sh** outta here, cowboy Ken.”



6 thoughts on “Thursday Oil Spill Blog Links

  1. 20,000 Skimmers Beneath His Notice–and he claims they might be needed elsewhere?!!

    General McClellan always found reasons not to fight, too. And he didn’t even know George Soros!


  2. A possible scenario, BP finds huge fields, keeps it secret, spills the oil, shares nose dive, scammers buy at bottom, BP reports loss saves taxes, within months, Huge New fileds are announced shares rocket scammers sell at top, billions are made, millions are duped and environment is damaged beyond repair.


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