Hundreds Protest AZ Congressman Raul Grijalva

pics via Tucson

What Congressman in his right mind encourages citizens of other states to boycott the state he represents? He’d pretty much have to be a Democrat, huh?

Meet Congressman Raul Grijalva, (with friend), the subject of a tea party protest, Saturday, June 26th:

KGUN9 Tucson reported:

Hundreds protest Grijalva

Grijalva’s been pushing for an economic boycott of his own state since the governor signed the immigration law. Grijalva is up for re-election this November and people who we met today are determined to unseat him. A big crowd gathered in front of Grijalva’s office Saturday morning.

These folks are also upset about Grijalva’s backing of the Arizona boycott.

“It’s what the truth seems to be. His job is to represent Arizona and represent the people but at the moment he seems to be resenting Arizona and working against them,” David Rackey, a tea party supporter, said.

KGUN 9 News asked the chairman of the Pima County Republican Party if he thinks this rally will help Grijalva change his position on the boycott issue.

“No I don’t think so but he needs to know how we feel about it,” Bob Westerman said.

There’s also a video at the site.

Someone  had a question for Greg Harris of the Pima County Republican Party. This “reporter” was very concerned that one of the protesters was heard calling Grijalva a racist,  and he grilled Harris about it. Harris rightly responded that the word has lost all meaning….(thanks to Democrats):

I mean HELLO!, Mr. left-wing citizen journalist! If you want to do a story about unfair “name-calling”, how about heading down to MSNBC studios, or the Democrat (Socialist) black caucus in Congress…if you’re seriously that concerned about idiots throwing out unfair, unjustified epithets at people….. One lone whacko with a bullhorn does not a front page story, (or a viral YouTube hit) make. A Congressman urging boycotts against his own state… that’s a story.


You would think the  blatant and obvious hypocrisy would be enough to shame most people from posting such utter bullcrap. But no.


Here’s Republican candidate Ruth McClung:

The same interviewer tries to grill her about the guy who said “racist”. He’s  obsessed with the deal. She made the same point I did (above) about people calling tea partiers racists, and SURPRISE! – it’s okay with him when that happens because of course, the tea partiers ARE racists! Hint to Ms. McClung: Next time someone pulls the “But- but- but- there have been racist incidents with the tea party”, make him cite examples, and then laugh in his face when he mentions the March 20 anti-ObamaCare “spittlegate” non- incident in Washington DC, and “tea party founder” who was rejected by the Houston tea party organizers on day one.

Hat tip: Infidel Joe.



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