White House Admits That More Than 85% of Stimulus Projects Were Not ‘Shovel-Ready’ in 2009

At least that’s the way I read it. From the White House web site:

  • Highway Projects: There will be six times as many highway projects underway in July 2010 as in July 2009 – projects will surge from 1,750 last summer to over 10,000 this summer.
  • Clean and Drinking Water: This summer over 2,800 clean and drinking water projects will be underway versus just over 100 last summer – more than 20 times as many.
  • Home Weatherization: This summer, 82,000 homes will be weatherized versus 3,000 last summer – 27 times as many homes this summer as last.
  • National Parks: This July, nearly 800 projects will be underway at national parks versus just over 100 last July – 8 times as many this summer.

There you have it – by their own admission, six out of seven highway projects were not ‘shovel-ready’ in 2009. 28 out of 29 clean water projects, 27 out of 28 home weatherization projects, and 8 out of 9 parks projects were not ‘shovel-ready.’ Nice sense of urgency, guys.

Let’s not get too critical, though – after all, we only had to wait another year before the “real” Stimulus kicked into gear. Another year of grinding unemployment and crushing deficit spending. But wait – wasn’t that one of the complaints that Republicans had about the Stimulus package? That it was too slow?

Looks like the White House finally agrees.

[Update: ND tells me I should include a link to my latest post on initial unemployment claims over at Innocent Bystanders, wherein I discuss the administration’s failure to notice that the unemployment situation isn’t getting any better. Hotay, Boss, you got it.]

15 thoughts on “White House Admits That More Than 85% of Stimulus Projects Were Not ‘Shovel-Ready’ in 2009

  1. I just want to know why the Government thinks that spending money during a recession will take us out of a recession. Give me a break. If you want the economy to come back strong, and to add jobs, there is only one way to do it…Put money into the hands of those who create jobs, small, and big business. In other words, cut taxes. If you think spending money and raising taxes during a recession is good, then you are an idiot.


  2. This is the “back-ended” part of the stimulus that was timed to create jobs right before the 2010 election.

    As if everyone is dying to work in government construction jobs.


  3. I’m just wondering how I’m going to be able to drive anywhere, what with 10,000 highway construction projects in progress.

    All in all, it seems kind of silly – overwhelming road crews for 3 months is not the way to create sustained employment.


  4. That was the one in New Orleans, right? Very neat that you hit the big time.

    Are you not going to CT this month? Maybe it lacks the prestige of the Winning America Back conference, but it oughta be fun.


  5. No, that was in Independence, MO, 10 minutes from where I live.

    I would love to go to CT….but I just can’t justify the trip. We’ve had some unexpected expenses, lately, so we’re not even taking a vacation , this year, (other than the Irish dance trips we take).


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  12. …so we’re not even taking a vacation , this year, (other than the Irish dance trips we take).

    *praying for Irish dance trip to Texas*


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