Kansas City “Proud To Be An American” Tea Party

There was a great showing for the 2nd annual Political Chips Independence Day tea party, this morning. Folks clad in their best red white and blue attire, lined both sides of State Line at 135th St. in Overland Park,  and waved flags:

As always, people  expressed themselves with creative and whimsical signage.:

Jacob Turk, running for Congress in MO-5 against Emanuel Cleaver, was there doing a little politicking:

Jacob Turk with Political Chips’ Alex Poulter

Turk with Volunteer

Doing a little jaywalking when it was his turn to speak…

Jacob reminded people to vote in the primary on August 3rd. The last thing Cleaver wants is to see him again on November 2nd.

Also doing a little politicking, Dan Gilyeat running for congress, KS-3rd.



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