10 Buck Friday Winner Announced: Congratulations Eric Wargotz!

Right Klik reports  the results:

Here are the approximate results of the Ten Buck Fridays poll for the week of July 4 – July 9:

Fourth place: Ann Marie Buerkle, 6.4%

Third place: Teresa Collett, 11.4%

Second place: Charles Lollar, 16.0%
First place: Eric Wargotz, 54%
All four of the top candidates reached out to their supporters for TBF votes via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.
I am proud to be a member of the rapidly-growing TBF network, and I’m very pleased with the interest TBF continues to generate. Stay tuned for exciting developments. Big news is right around the corner.

Apologies to the Wargotz campaign for initially putting up the wrong hyperlink to his donation page. I had copied the link from RightKlik, assuming that it went to his donation page, and not Youtube. I have a problem with that, because Wargotz won fair and square, and donors should decide for themselves whether or not he’s deserving of their donations. The Stark video from CPAC  is under dispute, with the Wargotz campaign claiming that it  was  doctored to make him look like a birther.


I am  informed that there were also concerns with the integrity of many of the votes for Wargotz —-I’ll leave it at that. In the future, I think suspicious voting patterns like hundreds of votes from one IP should disqualify a candidate.

Donate to whomever you please from the list, this week, folks.


12 thoughts on “10 Buck Friday Winner Announced: Congratulations Eric Wargotz!

  1. “Wounded” “Marine” “War Vet” those are hard search phrases that build identifyiability, (if that is a word) I was following YOUR instructions, to pick the noone.

    So I picked the noone.


  2. NiceDeb,

    I have thoroughly reseached Dr. Wargotz and he is a great candidate. Happens to be the lead candidate in a very nasty, divisive primary with 10 others! He is clearly the best hope against Mikulski.


  3. I understand that. I just wanted to give a heads up to potential donors who might have a problem donating to a “birther”.

    I don’t have a problem with him, myself.


  4. Now come on, don’t drink the cool aid 😉 Also, please correct hyperlink in your list to his donation page: https://www.fundraisingbynet.net/fbn/contributeFederal.asp?guidRegistration=5C5B5C57
    No minor controversy. Wargotz is no birther. In fact,he rejected that notion AND it appears the video has been edited before placed on youtube. He refuted that label and clarified that in mainstream press in Maryland. You can find it in his press room at his website http://www.wargotz.com I always do my own research before jumping to conclusions. Wargotz never said that obama wasn’t a US citizen. I live in Maryland and I can tell you that that Stark video statement on birth place was very smart. Why? Because when he wins the primary, if Miluski brings it up then mainstream press will be all over him and he gets great mainstream attention and name recog. and an opportunity to dispel , etc. He is a VERY smart man and deserves all of our support and dollars. Don’t sell him short. Thanks.


  5. Thanks for the info, and apologies. I didn’t realize that the link went to YouTube, and not Wargotz’s donation page. That was an unfortunate oversight on my part.


  6. Now I’m seeing a pattern with the Wargotz campaign – blame others when he messes up. First, it was blame the Jewish Times for “inaccurately” reporting his direct quotes. Then, it was blame the Terrance group for their poll, which Wargotz misused to raise $, most of it his own by the way, at the end of a campaign financing quarter. Now, it’s blame the Stark Report for Wargotz’s very bad interview (that interview was bad for many reasons, not the least of which was giving the Democratic opposition so much room to destroy him with those Obama birthplace comments – unenforced error IMO). That Stark Report interview was edited? Please – not a chance. This pattern is not going to fly with MD’s Republican primary voters.


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